HEALTH CARE IN US: Democrats Heartless, Republicans Heartless AND Ignorant

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Chronic illness creates poverty, which in turn, makes functioning with chronic illness very difficult.  ObamaCare won’t pay for my meds or my doctor, I have to pay UP FRONT out of my pocket.  The “Medicaid Expansion” is a myth, unless you live in a state with lots of extra $$$ to pay for new recipients – heard of one?  My state is adding 0 new people to Medicaid.

My chronic illness is not on the LIST that qualifies for permanent disability with Social Security.  Those lawyers running ads promising a monthly check are looking for specific loopholes, and I’m not one.

If you have dependent children, you get EVERYTHING: housing subsidy, health care for entire household, free abortions (for moms who can’t get more money for popping out another), tutoring, cell phone, utilities, transportation, grants, scholarships, etc. and can legally earn up to $31,700 per year with 4 children**, still be at “poverty level” and thus eligible.  That’s why so many unwanted children are growing up in U.S., they are a cash cow for bad mamas.  No wonder by the time they reach puberty they are dealing drugs, shooting up the streets, or producing more unwanted children.  By their late teens they are overwhelming law enforcement, courts, and prisons.  Democrats are to blame, for building this huge incentive system to reward people who behave like monsters.  Look at that table and imagine being a single household, paying everything: rent, food, transportation, health care, medicine, yet not being considered in poverty unless earning below $1000/month!


Have you always heard that Medicaid is run by the states, and so not subject to federal guidelines?  That’s how they sell it, but not how it works.  If a state accepts federal health care funds of ANY KIND, they must follow federal guidelines.  All states do.  You can have an income of $1 a month and not be eligible for MEDICAID, unless you fall into one of 6 categories.

  1. under 18
  2. 65 or older
  3. blind
  4. AIDS
  5. on Social Security permanent disability
  6. have dependent children


If you are an illegal in the U.S., you get free emergency care.  If you are a foreigner just visiting and have to “suddenly” go deliver your baby, you get both free health care and citizenship for your kids.  I just get phone calls labeling me a low-life for not paying for my ER visit.  In a foreign country where I lived, 80% of the population had babies born in nearby US territory, so they are US citizens, and when the oldest reaches 18, the whole family can become citizens.  MANY stick the US government for the hospital bill.  I know, because 3 times a year I sat and listened to the mamas renew U.S. passports for their 5 children of different fathers, admitting they never paid a dime to the hospital because “Medicaid pays for it”.  Yet, when I was in the same hospital and had no insurance and could not pay, they didn’t want to let me out the door without some payment, and the collection calls came soon after.  Maybe if these foreign mamas did not get free OB services, there would be some help for my ER bill.

What irony, I was born in U.S., worked hard and paid my taxes.  I had the misfortune of falling ill with something that could not be cured, but became long term and chronic.  Yet, someone who breaks the law by sneaking over the border and works here illegally, or even comes to visit, is treated better by my own government.

Senators & Congressmen, if you give up some of your precious time to serve at a food kitchen, and talk with some of the people taking meals there, you will find that a large number are former hard workers who simply got sick.  Their illness began the domino effect of losing job, then insurance, then car, home, etc., and having no dependent children, they could not get a dime of help from Uncle Sam.  If this weren’t bad enough, they are belittled by IGNORANT conservatives on radio and television as lazy and good for nothing!

Now that illness has befallen me, people in Washington would just as soon I die in a gutter somewhere while they give amnesty to 20 million new voters who will vote 100% Democrat forever, regardless of the quality of the candidate.  They will do no work to be informed, need no brain to think, just be able to find the ass- oops, I mean donkey, at the top of the page.  Democrats love such an ignorant, indoctrinated voter and will do or promise anything to get them.

No amount of arguing lofty ideas changes the facts as I’m living them, despite many Americans on both sides of the isles arguing over health care, as if they really know how it works – they don’t!  Even if they HAD read the 20,000 pages of Obamacare instead of listening to Nancy P, who said, “We don’t have to read it, just pass it!”, they’d still be ignorant, because it’s built upon the pillars of a system they never did understand.  It’s much easier to just label everyone who’s poor and sick as “lazy, unwilling to work, a burden on society”.

So, to restate my point:  Democrats are only heartless to those who don’t vote for them!  If you don’t, you are welcome to die in a gutter.  Republicans will let everyone poor die in the gutter.



Sharpton et Al – One-Dimensional PigeonHole

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About the Zimmerman Verdict

Those with level heads, including many accomplished black leaders, and many active in the civil rights movement, have pointed out some important facts. Below is my own brief outline, but listen to their own words!

  1. Based upon the law, and the burden upon the court to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that George Zimmerman did commit a crime by shooting his gun at Trayvon Martin, the jury has reached a correct verdict.
  2. While the Stand Your Ground law was not used as a defense for Zimmerman, many don’t like those type of laws and feel they should be repealed, despite the fact that:
    • The laws were passed by elected representatives in state legislatures (majority rule), and are NOT THE BUSINESS of the federal government – a States’ Rights issue.
    • If the laws are bad, they are bad whether George Zimmerman was convicted or not, and thus have nothing to do with this verdict except as emotional leverage to raise public ire and allow a minority of citizens to bully the majority into backing down.
  3. The NAACP and publicity/power hungry, self-appointed voices like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have picked the wrong case to push their agenda, because:
    • George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white.  His volunteer efforts prove he is NOT racist.
    • Trayvon Martin was a juvenile delinquent, not a sweet little boy, proven by his words, his pictures, and his school record.  He was only in Sanford, Florida because he had been SUSPENDED from high school for the 3rd time.
    • All of the evidence/witnesses, including those presented by prosecution, support fact that Trayvon had George Zimmerman pinned to the ground when he was shot – innocent people don’t get shot while on top of someone else.

  4. Many blacks are disgusted and fed up with Sharpton & Friends’ blatant disregard for facts amidst poorly-veiled attempt to unjustifiably drag racism into the discussion. They feel it abhorrent to constantly be dumped into one large victim group with only one big issue – racism, errantly claiming it totally defines all experience, accomplishment, faith, and ideals.

Who Is Racist? by Thomas Sowell

Hypocrisy of the NAACP by Deneen Borelli

America Fallen – ALL Slaves To Foreign Interests

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If you plan to vote in November for Barak Obama, be sure he does you a personal favor, or at least gives you a bunch of money. Otherwise, you are a total fool, because he’s doing it with so many people – his rich friends, his foreign friends, his green business friends, his media friends, his enemies of the United States friends, of which there are many!

“Oh, he wouldn’t do that”, you say, because it’s illegal, it’s corrupt and he might get in trouble. After all, the United States Constitution has built-in ‘checks and balances’ to prevent a rogue elected leader from abuse of power, right? Our Constitution is NO MORE. Obama has broken so many laws, and apparently has the power to get away with it. The LAW ENFORCEMENT summit of the United States, who would charge a criminal in federal government, is AG Eric Holder, an even bigger criminal, who has already been convicted of lawbreaking by Congress, with no enforceable outcome. The body which would vote to complete IMPEACHMENT for an Attorney General, or a President, is the U.S. Senate. Thanks to Obama’s stooge Harry Reid, leader of the U.S. Senate, he has nothing to worry about there – no checks and balances functioning. Impeachment Articles Against Obama


Just Call A Spade A Spade! (Obama’s a Commie) and how we need to fight back using their own tactics.

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Listening to the ‘talking heads’ increasingly bores me.  While it is certainly nice, after forty years, to hear conservative viewpoints coming through the television set, the indoctrination of generations and the damage to the nation is already done.  What is needed now is not more analysis, but pounding the facts – relentlessly – and… videos!

Continue reading, see more videos and links

Netanyahu – finally, well deserved scolding to United Nations

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What satisfaction listening to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN today. I’m sick of listening to that bunch of corrupt thugs, masquarading as human rights advocates, giving a platform (and committee chairmanships) to the most horrific, criminal leaders on the planet. Yesterday some members walked out, but the bigger question is, what’s wrong with ALL THE ONES WHO DIDN’T?

God (will) bless you, Israel!

You DO have a right to exist.
You’ve fought all those wars and won them all, you have a right to your homeland.
The 6 million of your family who were executed by the Nazis deserve vindication, not denial of their lives and deaths!

Read more at Joel Rosenberg’s blog, and watch the speech.

ACORN revisited

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OK, so what does it take for people to GetClued (figure out the obvious) about this outfit? Lots of commentators have been talking about ACORN in the last few weeks, albeit too late to prevent ACORN from contributing substantially (often through voter registration fraud) to electing BO, or getting their hands on gazillions more taxpayer dollars. The list includes such as Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilley. What took you so long? The MSM kept it hushed up to the election, but why did some of the non-mainstream media not blast the facts day and night about this bunch of criminals, and their connections (Obama, Barney Frank, etc.)?  Was it fear of being labeled biased?

The evidence was overwhelming last October!
ACORN’s deal in bailout bill
More revelations on ACORN
Nuts falling all over the place…
ACORN criminal evidence

Some have kept up on this all along, such as Michelle Malkin – great job!  Her latest:
Caution: ACORN housing entitlement mob at work again
Project Vote sues whistleblower: ObamACORN bully tactics exposed


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They are shooting at you, you are shooting at them.  They will never come out with their hands raised, they want to die in battle.  So LET THEM!!!   Hey, war is hell, and it’s fought by soldiers, not political leaders and the press.  Don’t waste another American life taking the extra risk to capture a prisoner, because:
1. we Americans don’t want pay for their lawyers and trials and prison and to defend ACLU lawsuits against the government
2. GITMO will be closed, so no keeping them outside our soil
3. we no longer have the ability to interrogate, or gather intelligence, it’s now more like “stupidness” we gather… all of our intelligence gathering must first be discussed ad naseum by media pundits and in front of C-Span to get a stamp of approval from the WHOLE WORLD, and something done today may get “unapproved” 10 years from now, retro-actively, to advance someone’s political career
4. the people we send to Washington to run our government for us are too stupid to understand common applicable terrminology, a critical requirement to understanding what goes on fighting wars, such as the difference between:
a. war criminal, prisoner of war, enemy combatant, terrorist
b. the Constitution of the United States vs the Geneva Convention (what they are and when they apply, and when they don’t)
c. war tribunal vs criminal court vs civil court vs the court of public opinion on Capital Hill
d. torture vs waterboarding vs execution
e. genocide vs war crime vs spy
f. Nancy Pelosi vs your mentally-vacant great-aunt (oh, wait a minute, I can’t tell that difference, either!  <snicker> Just kidding, she’s not really a moron, just a very bad liar.)

God Bless You, Soldier!! (yes, true tea-baggers, wanna-be’s, atheists, and J.Garofalo, I’m using the G-word, call me a bigot, or in the case of POTUS, call me ‘clingy’!)
We support you 100% and we sleep at night because you are willing to put your life on the line!
The American Patriots

No, honey, “patriots” doesn’t mean getting teary-eyed hearing “America The Beautiful. It means understanding what liberty is, how truly awful life is without it, that it doesn’t come without lots of sacrifice, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. And that when more people don’t value liberty, aren’t willing to die for it, than those who do and are, usually it’s already gone. We just haven’t figured it out yet. Rage against the dying of the light, for LIBERTY!

More on this subject:
Pelosi, the CIA… and Obama will now fight release of “torture” photos

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