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About the Zimmerman Verdict

Those with level heads, including many accomplished black leaders, and many active in the civil rights movement, have pointed out some important facts. Below is my own brief outline, but listen to their own words!

  1. Based upon the law, and the burden upon the court to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that George Zimmerman did commit a crime by shooting his gun at Trayvon Martin, the jury has reached a correct verdict.
  2. While the Stand Your Ground law was not used as a defense for Zimmerman, many don’t like those type of laws and feel they should be repealed, despite the fact that:
    • The laws were passed by elected representatives in state legislatures (majority rule), and are NOT THE BUSINESS of the federal government – a States’ Rights issue.
    • If the laws are bad, they are bad whether George Zimmerman was convicted or not, and thus have nothing to do with this verdict except as emotional leverage to raise public ire and allow a minority of citizens to bully the majority into backing down.
  3. The NAACP and publicity/power hungry, self-appointed voices like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have picked the wrong case to push their agenda, because:
    • George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white.  His volunteer efforts prove he is NOT racist.
    • Trayvon Martin was a juvenile delinquent, not a sweet little boy, proven by his words, his pictures, and his school record.  He was only in Sanford, Florida because he had been SUSPENDED from high school for the 3rd time.
    • All of the evidence/witnesses, including those presented by prosecution, support fact that Trayvon had George Zimmerman pinned to the ground when he was shot – innocent people don’t get shot while on top of someone else.

  4. Many blacks are disgusted and fed up with Sharpton & Friends’ blatant disregard for facts amidst poorly-veiled attempt to unjustifiably drag racism into the discussion. They feel it abhorrent to constantly be dumped into one large victim group with only one big issue – racism, errantly claiming it totally defines all experience, accomplishment, faith, and ideals.

Who Is Racist? by Thomas Sowell

Hypocrisy of the NAACP by Deneen Borelli


4 Officers Executed

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4PM EST UPDATE: Have found that police union website for online donations to the officers’ families, etc.
Lakewood Police Independent Guild
Facebook wall, new yesterday, boasts over 62,000 members!

I think this story could do more to bring Governor Mike Huckabee into the spotlight than all the advertising money can buy!  Once people learn (those who can still think and reason for themselves) that the sentence was COMMUTED, not PARDONED, and that a parole board had to then decide if CLEMMONS was SUITABLE to be paroled,  Huckabee may actually gain sympathy after being slammed so hard. Here’s the Statement on his site. I wouldn’t have done what he did, but there is more than enough blame to go around, and many people whose actions made it possible for this guy to gun down 4 officers yesterday.

Let’s just look at what happened in Washington State in 2009 – this guy should not have been walking around!

M. Clemmons 2009 charges


Some comments I left on news sites this morning…

Sincere sympathy to the families!
I wonder how many deceased people would be alive today if our lawmakers hadn’t caved to the trial lawyers in writing laws that FORBID using prior criminal records as pertinent evidence in current cases. What could be more important than knowing that someone is a habitual offender?

Why don’t we enact laws that forbid bail in the case of persons with multiple felony convictions? Our legal system coddles the criminals and leaves the public in danger. If we save a few thousand innocent people, and in the process, fry one wrongly-convicted person… well, I’m comfortable with that ratio!

To someone no doubt listening to some of the many LAZY, biased, unprofessional media people out there, one of many who now believe this is all Mike Huckabee’s fault:

You are uninformed. Since Huckabee’s actions, this man has been arrested and imprisoned, released, dismissed, bailed, etc. the most recent bail granted LAST WEEK by your Superior Court Judge for JUVENILE RAPE. Why don’t you call her for an explanation, (rather than suggest Huckabee come to Lakewood and explain to the families of the slain officers.)

Please, don’t let the press form your opinion, as they tell only the part of the story they want you to hear. Go on your own county website to the Superior Court records section, and type in CLEMMONS to see the recent crime record. It will blow your mind!

To the bleeding heart wondering why the jail won’t hold more people, and where did he get the gun… and what can we do, etc.

“…What can we all do to honor the murdered officers…What good can WE make out of this?” ANSWER: Make it never happen again! HOW? Stop coddling criminals, elect legislators who ARE NOT lawyers or getting money from Trial Lawyers Association, one of the richest lobbying orgs in the country.

Yes, some judges have leeway, and to those I say, think of the victims, not the suffering mother of the criminal. But some judges have their hands tied by laws. I don’t know if he had a legal right to be granted bail for that rape. If not, then is the judge elected, or appointed? If appointed, by whom? Are THEY elected. Until citizen make it their business to BE INFORMED, the loons will continue to run things for the benefit of extra-small minority special interests, like criminals.

When you vote, you determine if a nut will rape and kill you, then get out on bail, parole in 7yrs. Everything connects. So try to remember these officers next election!

Great gathering of info, pics, maps at Atlas Shrugs

More insanity… got your cave and rations ready?

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Arghhh, where to begin? Each day is more surreal than the day before. Can even a casual student of the Old Testament or Revelation doubt that the End Times are rapidly approaching?  So much prophecy fulfilled about blinded eyes, ears that do not hear, one world government, false prophets, etc.

More truth is lies, lies are truth: Ft. Hood bomber justified because of bad US foreign policy. Yes! What a whole country does that upsets people somewhere, is justification for an individual on US soil to grab some guns and randomly splatter the blood and guts of unsuspecting men, women, and unborn children all over the walls! From that bastion of freedom (really sic!), the NEW YORK TIMES! (Ron Radish, Pajamas Media)

If our legal system wasn’t CRAZY enough, let’s give the foreign terrorists access to all the benefits of U.S. citizenship and nutty lawyers, and have these guys who CONFESSED to involvement in 9/11 TRIED in New York COURT!
NEW-Nov 25! U.S. Justice Department has more in common with these terrorists ($$) than desire for protecting the American People! From Washington Times.  Another thanks to B.O., for giving us corrupt AG, Eric Holder.

Continue Reading More insanity… got your cave and rations ready?…

BOYCOTT list: Yes, give up your Budweiser!

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Two items:
1. Corporations funding Al Sharpton’s successful attack upon a private citizen’s investment in a business – is this America?? Al Sharpton corporate sponsors (800 numbers included)
2. Corporations pulling their ads from Glen Beck at urging of race-based organization “Now Colors of Change”. Sign petition to oppose advertisers who cancelled Glen Beck.

Offenders: American Honda, Anheuser Busch, Best Buy, Broadview (Brinks) Security, Colgate-Palmolive, Comcast, ConAgra Foods, CVS, Entergy, Ford Motor Company, Geico, GMAC Financial, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, (no big surprise!), Macy’s, Men’s Warehouse, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, Roche, Sanofi-aventis, Sargento, Sprint, Travelocity, UPS, Wal-Mart – both sites!

UPDATE:  Wal-Mart and PepsiCo unapologetic!

ACORN revisited

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OK, so what does it take for people to GetClued (figure out the obvious) about this outfit? Lots of commentators have been talking about ACORN in the last few weeks, albeit too late to prevent ACORN from contributing substantially (often through voter registration fraud) to electing BO, or getting their hands on gazillions more taxpayer dollars. The list includes such as Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilley. What took you so long? The MSM kept it hushed up to the election, but why did some of the non-mainstream media not blast the facts day and night about this bunch of criminals, and their connections (Obama, Barney Frank, etc.)?  Was it fear of being labeled biased?

The evidence was overwhelming last October!
ACORN’s deal in bailout bill
More revelations on ACORN
Nuts falling all over the place…
ACORN criminal evidence

Some have kept up on this all along, such as Michelle Malkin – great job!  Her latest:
Caution: ACORN housing entitlement mob at work again
Project Vote sues whistleblower: ObamACORN bully tactics exposed


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They are shooting at you, you are shooting at them.  They will never come out with their hands raised, they want to die in battle.  So LET THEM!!!   Hey, war is hell, and it’s fought by soldiers, not political leaders and the press.  Don’t waste another American life taking the extra risk to capture a prisoner, because:
1. we Americans don’t want pay for their lawyers and trials and prison and to defend ACLU lawsuits against the government
2. GITMO will be closed, so no keeping them outside our soil
3. we no longer have the ability to interrogate, or gather intelligence, it’s now more like “stupidness” we gather… all of our intelligence gathering must first be discussed ad naseum by media pundits and in front of C-Span to get a stamp of approval from the WHOLE WORLD, and something done today may get “unapproved” 10 years from now, retro-actively, to advance someone’s political career
4. the people we send to Washington to run our government for us are too stupid to understand common applicable terrminology, a critical requirement to understanding what goes on fighting wars, such as the difference between:
a. war criminal, prisoner of war, enemy combatant, terrorist
b. the Constitution of the United States vs the Geneva Convention (what they are and when they apply, and when they don’t)
c. war tribunal vs criminal court vs civil court vs the court of public opinion on Capital Hill
d. torture vs waterboarding vs execution
e. genocide vs war crime vs spy
f. Nancy Pelosi vs your mentally-vacant great-aunt (oh, wait a minute, I can’t tell that difference, either!  <snicker> Just kidding, she’s not really a moron, just a very bad liar.)

God Bless You, Soldier!! (yes, true tea-baggers, wanna-be’s, atheists, and J.Garofalo, I’m using the G-word, call me a bigot, or in the case of POTUS, call me ‘clingy’!)
We support you 100% and we sleep at night because you are willing to put your life on the line!
The American Patriots

No, honey, “patriots” doesn’t mean getting teary-eyed hearing “America The Beautiful. It means understanding what liberty is, how truly awful life is without it, that it doesn’t come without lots of sacrifice, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. And that when more people don’t value liberty, aren’t willing to die for it, than those who do and are, usually it’s already gone. We just haven’t figured it out yet. Rage against the dying of the light, for LIBERTY!

More on this subject:
Pelosi, the CIA… and Obama will now fight release of “torture” photos

Dear Mommy, I’ve become an RRE…

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April 20 – This topic could be the most important one EVER for you to take a stand for freedom and Democracy. A huge consortium of media, backed by billionaires like George Soros, and the politicians whose puppet strings they hold, and their Hollywood fan club, have been busy all weekend. If they can, they will
    * label all fiscal conservatives who speak out “hate filled”, whereby laws can be applied to limit free speech, even allow criminal prosecution
    * label all who disagree with the present power structure in Washington DC as “racists” who “hate our president because he’s black”, allowing all sorts of privacy-invasion strategies to be used with impunity – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
    * convince the electorate, using standard brainwashing techniques, such as LIES repeated over and over again, that the tea parties, and any other significant protest by average citizens, was conceived, organized, sponsored, and otherwise made possible by “right-wing extremist” media. This will allow them to again raise the subject of media “fairness”. This new “fairness doctrine” if revived, will make certain you can no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilley, etc.     and here to prove the point, Malkin-CNN’s coverup… and this eye-opener WOW!!

Related:   Apr 19 John Rosenthal article on the terminology   Apr 20 Ed Morrissey
Or, you might just be a “dumb bitch” – unbelievable!!!

…or, A Tale of 2 Napolitanos
Apr 16: This deserves a revisit, mainly because my alarm has grown, as I discover more brainwashing attempts from the left, and more correct critical thinking from trusted sources. Continue Reading Dear Mommy, I’ve become an RRE……

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