Who is voting in U.S. Elections?

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NOTE: Originally written for 2010 elections, updated 2012
I live overseas, in a small country near a U.S. border, with perhaps 12,000 local citizens, the rest foreign workers. Of those who are citizens, approximately one third are ALSO U.S. citizens. Nearly 1/4 of babies born to the foreign workers here, neither parent a US citizen, occur on US soil.

As recently relayed to me by a State Department official, there is no law or policy against traveling to the United States EXPRESSLY to give birth to your baby, instant U.S. Citizenship. In fact, I was told, it has become quite common in many areas of the world where a U.S. border or territory is nearby, such as Guam. If a woman holds a visa to U.S., is a national of one of 27 visa-waiver participating states, or otherwise has access to cross the border, she is welcome to have her baby on U.S. soil. Those babies are ALSO citizens (by blood-right) of the mother AND/or father’s home country. I know many children and young adults who hold passports of U.S. and not one, but 2 other countries!

This birth-on-US-soil number is exploding. There are no statistics from State about how many new U.S. citizens are dual nationals, because the information is not collected. Don’t ask, don’t tell!
Continue reading this very important information for U.S. citizens!


Dictionary re-write by PC crowd

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Don’t look now, but your language is being re-written before your very eyes by the crowd pushing “politically correct”, “anti-hate speech”, or to use an older phrase from USSR, “correct speak”. Please PAY ATTENTION!!! From now on:

  1. blue is red
  2. red is blue
  3. a lover of all mankind is a racist
  4. his accuser, pushing a social agenda for monetary and power gain, who believes the masses are merely stupid sheep to be directed and cared for by the government is a “defender of freedom”

Ah, but I can see you don’t believe me, and think I’m a nut….

continue reading, see the evidence

BOYCOTT list: Yes, give up your Budweiser!

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Two items:
1. Corporations funding Al Sharpton’s successful attack upon a private citizen’s investment in a business – is this America?? Al Sharpton corporate sponsors (800 numbers included)
2. Corporations pulling their ads from Glen Beck at urging of race-based organization “Now Colors of Change”. Sign petition to oppose advertisers who cancelled Glen Beck.

Offenders: American Honda, Anheuser Busch, Best Buy, Broadview (Brinks) Security, Colgate-Palmolive, Comcast, ConAgra Foods, CVS, Entergy, Ford Motor Company, Geico, GMAC Financial, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Lawyers.com (no big surprise!), Macy’s, Men’s Warehouse, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, Roche, Sanofi-aventis, Sargento, Sprint, Travelocity, UPS, Wal-Mart – both sites!

UPDATE:  Wal-Mart and PepsiCo unapologetic!

Dear Mommy, I’ve become an RRE…

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April 20 – This topic could be the most important one EVER for you to take a stand for freedom and Democracy. A huge consortium of media, backed by billionaires like George Soros, and the politicians whose puppet strings they hold, and their Hollywood fan club, have been busy all weekend. If they can, they will
    * label all fiscal conservatives who speak out “hate filled”, whereby laws can be applied to limit free speech, even allow criminal prosecution
    * label all who disagree with the present power structure in Washington DC as “racists” who “hate our president because he’s black”, allowing all sorts of privacy-invasion strategies to be used with impunity – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
    * convince the electorate, using standard brainwashing techniques, such as LIES repeated over and over again, that the tea parties, and any other significant protest by average citizens, was conceived, organized, sponsored, and otherwise made possible by “right-wing extremist” media. This will allow them to again raise the subject of media “fairness”. This new “fairness doctrine” if revived, will make certain you can no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilley, etc.     and here to prove the point, Malkin-CNN’s coverup… and this eye-opener WOW!!

Related:   Apr 19 John Rosenthal article on the terminology   Apr 20 Ed Morrissey
Or, you might just be a “dumb bitch” – unbelievable!!!

…or, A Tale of 2 Napolitanos
Apr 16: This deserves a revisit, mainly because my alarm has grown, as I discover more brainwashing attempts from the left, and more correct critical thinking from trusted sources. Continue Reading Dear Mommy, I’ve become an RRE……

Hey reporter, can you say “really BIG DEAL!” ?

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UPDATE 2  Noon EDT:   Question:  Why do much of the news media claim the Tea Party participants (hereinafter referred to as TPrs) were 1: all Obama haters 2. all Republicans 3. coached and sponsored by Fox News and Rush L?
1. It appeals to their largest demographic, the Obama worshippers, who are still “high” on the historical achievement of a black man in the White House ,who is expected to bring about unprecedented love, peace, and prosperity the world over.
2. It polarizes, focusing hate and resentment.  By insinuating the TPrs are ignorant, racist drones, merely speaking on behalf of, and only with help from, a radical fringe sensationalist media, that have no credibility, the MSM and those they support, can continue to insure that their minions avoid or ignore facts, when presented, and continue to be obedient, spoon-fed supporters of the socialism of America.  Some evidence: Malkin   Hotair   Driscoll   Hewitt (Townhall) Continue Reading Hey reporter, can you say “really BIG DEAL!” ?…

What to do now? Look into recalls, boycotts, and new candidates NOW!

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Thousands got out today and expressed their opinion.  The Elitists, Educated Idiots, and MS Media can call those masses the Radical Fringe, or Mindless Drones of the Radical Right-Wing Media, or whatever else they want.  Because they dare not admit it might be the Silent (no longer) Majority.  Drat!  They were so sure they’d brainwashed all, or at least drummed us into permanent silence from the overwhelming deluge of crap they spew hour after hour, via print, sound, video, online; until no sane person could but want to ignore it all.  Well, we woke up, didn’t we?  And they can’t STAND it! READ: Malkin slams CNN reporters. Now what?  READ ON

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