America Fallen – ALL Slaves To Foreign Interests

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If you plan to vote in November for Barak Obama, be sure he does you a personal favor, or at least gives you a bunch of money. Otherwise, you are a total fool, because he’s doing it with so many people – his rich friends, his foreign friends, his green business friends, his media friends, his enemies of the United States friends, of which there are many!

“Oh, he wouldn’t do that”, you say, because it’s illegal, it’s corrupt and he might get in trouble. After all, the United States Constitution has built-in ‘checks and balances’ to prevent a rogue elected leader from abuse of power, right? Our Constitution is NO MORE. Obama has broken so many laws, and apparently has the power to get away with it. The LAW ENFORCEMENT summit of the United States, who would charge a criminal in federal government, is AG Eric Holder, an even bigger criminal, who has already been convicted of lawbreaking by Congress, with no enforceable outcome. The body which would vote to complete IMPEACHMENT for an Attorney General, or a President, is the U.S. Senate. Thanks to Obama’s stooge Harry Reid, leader of the U.S. Senate, he has nothing to worry about there – no checks and balances functioning. Impeachment Articles Against Obama



Just Call A Spade A Spade! (Obama’s a Commie) and how we need to fight back using their own tactics.

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Listening to the ‘talking heads’ increasingly bores me.  While it is certainly nice, after forty years, to hear conservative viewpoints coming through the television set, the indoctrination of generations and the damage to the nation is already done.  What is needed now is not more analysis, but pounding the facts – relentlessly – and… videos!

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I’m angry… really, really angry.

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Actually, it’s worse than that, I’m HOPPIN’ MAD!!  This morning I was hit in the face, from several interactions with taxpayer-funded agencies, with the fact that I’m not getting my money’s worth from Washington.  And I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!!  If you politicians and civil ‘servants’ (gosh, anyone think about what that means any more?) don’t revere my hard-earned money, and reveal what you’re doing with it OPENLY and SIMPLY so it can’t be debated what is TRUE, then you just CAN’T HAVE IT ANY MORE!!  It’s called a TAXPAYER’S REVOLT, and it has happened before.   Remember this?  

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it … Edmund Burke


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