Who is voting in U.S. Elections?

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NOTE: Originally written for 2010 elections, updated 2012
I live overseas, in a small country near a U.S. border, with perhaps 12,000 local citizens, the rest foreign workers. Of those who are citizens, approximately one third are ALSO U.S. citizens. Nearly 1/4 of babies born to the foreign workers here, neither parent a US citizen, occur on US soil.

As recently relayed to me by a State Department official, there is no law or policy against traveling to the United States EXPRESSLY to give birth to your baby, instant U.S. Citizenship. In fact, I was told, it has become quite common in many areas of the world where a U.S. border or territory is nearby, such as Guam. If a woman holds a visa to U.S., is a national of one of 27 visa-waiver participating states, or otherwise has access to cross the border, she is welcome to have her baby on U.S. soil. Those babies are ALSO citizens (by blood-right) of the mother AND/or father’s home country. I know many children and young adults who hold passports of U.S. and not one, but 2 other countries!

This birth-on-US-soil number is exploding. There are no statistics from State about how many new U.S. citizens are dual nationals, because the information is not collected. Don’t ask, don’t tell!
Continue reading this very important information for U.S. citizens!


Netanyahu – finally, well deserved scolding to United Nations

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What satisfaction listening to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN today. I’m sick of listening to that bunch of corrupt thugs, masquarading as human rights advocates, giving a platform (and committee chairmanships) to the most horrific, criminal leaders on the planet. Yesterday some members walked out, but the bigger question is, what’s wrong with ALL THE ONES WHO DIDN’T?

God (will) bless you, Israel!

You DO have a right to exist.
You’ve fought all those wars and won them all, you have a right to your homeland.
The 6 million of your family who were executed by the Nazis deserve vindication, not denial of their lives and deaths!

Read more at Joel Rosenberg’s blog, and watch the speech.

ACORN revisited

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OK, so what does it take for people to GetClued (figure out the obvious) about this outfit? Lots of commentators have been talking about ACORN in the last few weeks, albeit too late to prevent ACORN from contributing substantially (often through voter registration fraud) to electing BO, or getting their hands on gazillions more taxpayer dollars. The list includes such as Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilley. What took you so long? The MSM kept it hushed up to the election, but why did some of the non-mainstream media not blast the facts day and night about this bunch of criminals, and their connections (Obama, Barney Frank, etc.)?  Was it fear of being labeled biased?

The evidence was overwhelming last October!
ACORN’s deal in bailout bill
More revelations on ACORN
Nuts falling all over the place…
ACORN criminal evidence

Some have kept up on this all along, such as Michelle Malkin – great job!  Her latest:
Caution: ACORN housing entitlement mob at work again
Project Vote sues whistleblower: ObamACORN bully tactics exposed

Tea Party Day 2009 – where are we now?

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So, seeing the writing on the wall, I gave up in October.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Obama won, yes, wonderful, first black president.  Does anything else about this man, besides his skin color, matter?  It would seem not… not integrity, wisdom, consistancy, transparency (yeah, you’ve definitely blown your credibility on that, brawk), patriotism, much less the ability to uphold the oath of office SWORN TO just 10 weeks ago – uphold and defend the Constitution, remember?  How about a basic civics class, maybe that would help!

Wife – “America a downright mean country”
Other family – illegally in U.S., accused of child sexual molestation, etc, etc.  READ ON

If Truth Matters, so does Integrity!

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Does our society even know the meaning of the word, much less value that trait in a leader? One would think, with the mess this country is in, people would hunger for integrity in a political leader, even if they don’t quite understand what it is they crave. While I may have many differences with Senator John McCain, I have no doubt about his integrity. Senator Obama is another story, entirely. He, and those who support him, those he’s spent his time with over the years, those who’ve given him money, just don’t paint a picture of integrity.  read on

Nuts falling all over the place…

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ACORN – Sometimes it takes a while to sink in, especially when the Mainstream Media are keeping it from the public.  However, when the stench becomes so strong the whole country can smell it, no amount of brainwashing will keep people from figuring out something’s rotten.  READ ON

More revelations on ACORN

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Michelle Malkin’s column today recaps ACORN’s role in election fraud across the nation.

“Thug thizzle” is street slang for performing your trademark move. Obama and ACORN have practiced their thug thizzle together for years: organizing an ever-expanding community of ineligible and marginal voters to expand the Democratic power base. Rules be damned. — Michelle Malkin


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