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About the Zimmerman Verdict

Those with level heads, including many accomplished black leaders, and many active in the civil rights movement, have pointed out some important facts. Below is my own brief outline, but listen to their own words!

  1. Based upon the law, and the burden upon the court to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that George Zimmerman did commit a crime by shooting his gun at Trayvon Martin, the jury has reached a correct verdict.
  2. While the Stand Your Ground law was not used as a defense for Zimmerman, many don’t like those type of laws and feel they should be repealed, despite the fact that:
    • The laws were passed by elected representatives in state legislatures (majority rule), and are NOT THE BUSINESS of the federal government – a States’ Rights issue.
    • If the laws are bad, they are bad whether George Zimmerman was convicted or not, and thus have nothing to do with this verdict except as emotional leverage to raise public ire and allow a minority of citizens to bully the majority into backing down.
  3. The NAACP and publicity/power hungry, self-appointed voices like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have picked the wrong case to push their agenda, because:
    • George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white.  His volunteer efforts prove he is NOT racist.
    • Trayvon Martin was a juvenile delinquent, not a sweet little boy, proven by his words, his pictures, and his school record.  He was only in Sanford, Florida because he had been SUSPENDED from high school for the 3rd time.
    • All of the evidence/witnesses, including those presented by prosecution, support fact that Trayvon had George Zimmerman pinned to the ground when he was shot – innocent people don’t get shot while on top of someone else.

  4. Many blacks are disgusted and fed up with Sharpton & Friends’ blatant disregard for facts amidst poorly-veiled attempt to unjustifiably drag racism into the discussion. They feel it abhorrent to constantly be dumped into one large victim group with only one big issue – racism, errantly claiming it totally defines all experience, accomplishment, faith, and ideals.

Who Is Racist? by Thomas Sowell

Hypocrisy of the NAACP by Deneen Borelli


America Fallen – ALL Slaves To Foreign Interests

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If you plan to vote in November for Barak Obama, be sure he does you a personal favor, or at least gives you a bunch of money. Otherwise, you are a total fool, because he’s doing it with so many people – his rich friends, his foreign friends, his green business friends, his media friends, his enemies of the United States friends, of which there are many!

“Oh, he wouldn’t do that”, you say, because it’s illegal, it’s corrupt and he might get in trouble. After all, the United States Constitution has built-in ‘checks and balances’ to prevent a rogue elected leader from abuse of power, right? Our Constitution is NO MORE. Obama has broken so many laws, and apparently has the power to get away with it. The LAW ENFORCEMENT summit of the United States, who would charge a criminal in federal government, is AG Eric Holder, an even bigger criminal, who has already been convicted of lawbreaking by Congress, with no enforceable outcome. The body which would vote to complete IMPEACHMENT for an Attorney General, or a President, is the U.S. Senate. Thanks to Obama’s stooge Harry Reid, leader of the U.S. Senate, he has nothing to worry about there – no checks and balances functioning. Impeachment Articles Against Obama


American Heroes: Sorry, MJ, You Don’t Measure Up!

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The latest buzz… some hearth-broken family members mourn their fallen soldier, and rail against the Michael Jackson public and media frenzy.   I couldn’t agree more.  To them, I say simply, from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you for the brave and ultimate sacrifice your loved one, you, and your family suffered to protect freedoms and save lives!”

I stood in the checkout lane over the weekend and joined everyone singing an MJ song piping over the music system.  It was a warm, fuzzy feeling of camaraderie, something in common with strangers. 

Yes, all of us remember many of MJ’s hit songs, and a time in our life that was happier, more carefree, less angst about the future.  Yes, his appeal crossed many geographical, social and political boundaries.  I bought the Thriller album back in the 80’s, and nearly wore it out on my turntable.  

But my enthusiasm for Michael Jackson quickly cooled, and on principle, I bought no more of his albums.  It was after the beginning of the “weird” stuff:  truly offensive crotch-grabbing, pictures of  antics with children that appeared questionable, strange getups, stranger face and skin color changes.  Was this man trying to regain his childhood as a little white boy?  And then came the repeated headline-grabbing aberrant activities; children sleeping in his bed, baby-buying and baby-dangling.  Remember the old bit of wisdom (the saying didn’t arise from nowhere), “Where there’s smoke there’s fire. ”   Not to mention the headlines about strange behavior of his siblings, topped by sister Janet’s obviously-planned nipple-baring at the Super Bowl.  Anyone who still believes it was a costume failure is simply IQ-challenged!

It was apparent to me years ago that Michael Jackson had serious problems, and that his celebrity status and wealth allowed him to be above the law.  I’ve no doubt he suffered some types of abuse as a child.  But that doesn’t excuse his adult behaviors.  My knowledge comes from advocacy work with victims of pedophiles, and law-enforcement training on the characteristics of pedophilia, the statistic of how few are cured, and the high percentage who repeat their attacks on children.   It’s simple to tell if a male inmate convicted of such an offense will still offend.  They attach a device to the penis and show him a video of children engaged in activities that most people would consider non-provocative.  If an erection occurs, the problem remains.  Rehabilitation programs have failed miserably.  That this fact is widely accepted by society is evidenced by the “sex offender” laws requiring registrations, now on the books in all 50 states.

So, what kind of parent would allow their child to spend the night at Neverland, and sleep in a bed (behind a locked door) with this adult man?  What kind of social worker would ignore reports of potential life-changing damage to children, just because someone is famous?  And what kind of society would worship as a HERO a twisted pervert, and elevate him to megastar?  Easy answer: a society ruled by narcissim and misdirected pride. 

Let’s judge people, ALL PEOPLE, by rational criteria; first, what is good, honest, upstanding – what used to be the criteria for a “role model”.  Let’s not judge first by skin color and notoriety – “If he’s black and successful, he’s wonderful.”  A perfect example of this type of twisted logic all too common in America today is  OJ Simpson, a cold-blooded killer, turned loose by a jury of his like-skinned peers, cheered by his like-skinned fans, abhorred by the rest of the population.  If you can’t judge someone on redeeming qualities first, before their skin color, you are a bigot of the worst kind. 

Countless women have been abused and murdered by men who saw OJ go free.  Countless children will grow up to molest children due to the god-like hero worship of Michael Jackson. 

So, for those who weeped in front the TV all weekend over one of the most flaming pedophiles in recent history, and spared not a thought for the thousands of decent young men and women putting their life on the line to protect the freedoms which allowed his perverted behavior and your worship of him, shame on you!

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