Netanyahu – finally, well deserved scolding to United Nations

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What satisfaction listening to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN today. I’m sick of listening to that bunch of corrupt thugs, masquarading as human rights advocates, giving a platform (and committee chairmanships) to the most horrific, criminal leaders on the planet. Yesterday some members walked out, but the bigger question is, what’s wrong with ALL THE ONES WHO DIDN’T?

God (will) bless you, Israel!

You DO have a right to exist.
You’ve fought all those wars and won them all, you have a right to your homeland.
The 6 million of your family who were executed by the Nazis deserve vindication, not denial of their lives and deaths!

Read more at Joel Rosenberg’s blog, and watch the speech.


United Nations – world’s biggest oxymoron?

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TODAY, April 21, is YOM HASHOAH – Holocaust Remembrance Daywatch in Israel

2nd UN Global “Anti-Racism” Conference, Durban II – You won’t believe this… led by leading human rights violaters, Libya, Cuba, Russia, Iran, and others, The UN’s idea of an anti-racism conference

Guest speaker Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Let me inform those readers who may have been camped out in the wilderness for the last 2 years: This man was invited to speak at NY Columbia University, where he “taught” students what he has since said NUMEROUS times, his agenda is clear: TRANSCRIPT
1. There was NO holocaust, it was hoax – Here’s the hoax, watch VIDEO-if you dare!
2. Israel has NO RIGHT to exist, and MUST be wiped off the face of the map… essentially what every Islamic country believes, and indeed, Israel is NOT on the maps in textbooks in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, etc.
UN Watch, Professor Anne Bayefsky’s Address to conference
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