What’s TSA got to do with it?

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Since the Christmas Day thwarted bombing aboard Detroit-bound Delta/Northwest airliner enroute from Amsterdam, we’ve heard a wealth of words. A few were enlightening, and some expressed intelligent opinions. Much blame has been leveled. Sadly, almost as much misinformation has been broadcast, as have facts.

Abdulmutallab had no passport? His own father warned the U.S. Consulate that he was radical? The CIA didn’t share the information, which had they done, would have resulted in Abdulmutallab being on the infamous “no-fly list”? Oh, even more scandalous I can’t use the restroom during last hour of flight… or watch movie… or use my blanket… eeek! That’s not fair, they keep us seated during nearly the entire flight until the last hour, ever notice that? Will TSA now pat down even more grannies?

Let’s take a deep breath and think about this for a moment… Abdulmutallab didn’t go through TSA screening. Neither did the Shoe Bomber. The problem is in foreign airports, so why do we need to tighten security on domestic flights? And, as Bernie Goldberg so aptly writes, “What’s Wrong With Profiling?”.

I’d go one further. Profiling is simply good law enforcement technique, sound logic, basic common sense. Who’s the most likely suicide terrorist, a 75-yr-old white-haired Granny, or a 20-something, dark-skinned male with a passport from an Islamic country? If they now decide to leave Granny alone but pat down the 20-something, is that racial discrimination? NO, it isn’t! I’m sorry, ACLU, but NO!!! When can we get back to common sense and stop wasting time, money, effort, and lives fighting these idiots in ridiculous court battles?


INSANITY – this word becoming overused!

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Navy seals charged with criminal assault for capturing a most-wanted terrorist, mutilating, murderer!  Why?  The slimeball received a bloody lip!  It’s his word against our Navy Seals.  Whom would you believe???  see video…
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More insanity… got your cave and rations ready?

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Arghhh, where to begin? Each day is more surreal than the day before. Can even a casual student of the Old Testament or Revelation doubt that the End Times are rapidly approaching?  So much prophecy fulfilled about blinded eyes, ears that do not hear, one world government, false prophets, etc.

More truth is lies, lies are truth: Ft. Hood bomber justified because of bad US foreign policy. Yes! What a whole country does that upsets people somewhere, is justification for an individual on US soil to grab some guns and randomly splatter the blood and guts of unsuspecting men, women, and unborn children all over the walls! From that bastion of freedom (really sic!), the NEW YORK TIMES! (Ron Radish, Pajamas Media)

If our legal system wasn’t CRAZY enough, let’s give the foreign terrorists access to all the benefits of U.S. citizenship and nutty lawyers, and have these guys who CONFESSED to involvement in 9/11 TRIED in New York COURT!
NEW-Nov 25! U.S. Justice Department has more in common with these terrorists ($$) than desire for protecting the American People! From Washington Times.  Another thanks to B.O., for giving us corrupt AG, Eric Holder.

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They are shooting at you, you are shooting at them.  They will never come out with their hands raised, they want to die in battle.  So LET THEM!!!   Hey, war is hell, and it’s fought by soldiers, not political leaders and the press.  Don’t waste another American life taking the extra risk to capture a prisoner, because:
1. we Americans don’t want pay for their lawyers and trials and prison and to defend ACLU lawsuits against the government
2. GITMO will be closed, so no keeping them outside our soil
3. we no longer have the ability to interrogate, or gather intelligence, it’s now more like “stupidness” we gather… all of our intelligence gathering must first be discussed ad naseum by media pundits and in front of C-Span to get a stamp of approval from the WHOLE WORLD, and something done today may get “unapproved” 10 years from now, retro-actively, to advance someone’s political career
4. the people we send to Washington to run our government for us are too stupid to understand common applicable terrminology, a critical requirement to understanding what goes on fighting wars, such as the difference between:
a. war criminal, prisoner of war, enemy combatant, terrorist
b. the Constitution of the United States vs the Geneva Convention (what they are and when they apply, and when they don’t)
c. war tribunal vs criminal court vs civil court vs the court of public opinion on Capital Hill
d. torture vs waterboarding vs execution
e. genocide vs war crime vs spy
f. Nancy Pelosi vs your mentally-vacant great-aunt (oh, wait a minute, I can’t tell that difference, either!  <snicker> Just kidding, she’s not really a moron, just a very bad liar.)

God Bless You, Soldier!! (yes, true tea-baggers, wanna-be’s, atheists, and J.Garofalo, I’m using the G-word, call me a bigot, or in the case of POTUS, call me ‘clingy’!)
We support you 100% and we sleep at night because you are willing to put your life on the line!
The American Patriots

No, honey, “patriots” doesn’t mean getting teary-eyed hearing “America The Beautiful. It means understanding what liberty is, how truly awful life is without it, that it doesn’t come without lots of sacrifice, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. And that when more people don’t value liberty, aren’t willing to die for it, than those who do and are, usually it’s already gone. We just haven’t figured it out yet. Rage against the dying of the light, for LIBERTY!

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Pelosi, the CIA… and Obama will now fight release of “torture” photos

United Nations – world’s biggest oxymoron?

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TODAY, April 21, is YOM HASHOAH – Holocaust Remembrance Daywatch in Israel

2nd UN Global “Anti-Racism” Conference, Durban II – You won’t believe this… led by leading human rights violaters, Libya, Cuba, Russia, Iran, and others, The UN’s idea of an anti-racism conference

Guest speaker Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Let me inform those readers who may have been camped out in the wilderness for the last 2 years: This man was invited to speak at NY Columbia University, where he “taught” students what he has since said NUMEROUS times, his agenda is clear: TRANSCRIPT
1. There was NO holocaust, it was hoax – Here’s the hoax, watch VIDEO-if you dare!
2. Israel has NO RIGHT to exist, and MUST be wiped off the face of the map… essentially what every Islamic country believes, and indeed, Israel is NOT on the maps in textbooks in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, etc.
UN Watch, Professor Anne Bayefsky’s Address to conference
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