Let’s just say I’ve been engaged in debate, defending conservative priciples, for over 40 years. And OK, I did a lot of campaign work when I was younger, and watched some great men break the back of 44 years of corrupt, one-sided state government. They went on to illustrious careers in Washington: Senate, House, Cabinet, etc. A few are still there.

Some folks who risked their lives to escape Communism (and lost the lives of many loved ones) taught me back in 1969 about the plan to infiltrate a democracy with Communism. You start with the colleges, media, schools, then work down through the education system. In a couple of generations, you can successfully shape thinking, create ‘correct-speak’ (here it’s called Politically Correct), re-write history to suit your goals, and easily influence elections with mass media. Hmmm, sound familiar?


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  1. I’m an American Christian newsman living in Israel for 32 years, and sometimes feel as if I’m between a rock and a hard place.

    Yet the Christians and Jews have a lot in common other than the Judeo-Christian heritage..

    For instance, common sense! Remember that? It used to be appreciated, but these days seems to be a dirty word..

    Just 2 days before the last American election, an extensive poll showed that 69% of Israelis would vote for John McCain if given the chance. Only 24% would choose Obama, and only a small 7% were undecided..

    Israelis need America. Friends are hard to find. Yet they are very wary of Mr. Obama. Not because of his name, or his background. They just don’t trust him. Full stop..

    Just a few hours before the Passover Seder he hosted in the Whitehouse, he signed a waiver allowing the Palestine Liberation Organization to maintain its office in Washington. Something that Bill Clinton, in a brief period of wisdom, had stopped from happening..

    Israelis just don’t get it. Why choose that particular day? Was he being mean spirited?, or just plain insensitive?.

    All of us HERE, are hoping all of you THERE are keeping your eyes open..

    WE are certainly watching very closely.

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