America Fallen – ALL Slaves To Foreign Interests

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If you plan to vote in November for Barak Obama, be sure he does you a personal favor, or at least gives you a bunch of money. Otherwise, you are a total fool, because he’s doing it with so many people – his rich friends, his foreign friends, his green business friends, his media friends, his enemies of the United States friends, of which there are many!

“Oh, he wouldn’t do that”, you say, because it’s illegal, it’s corrupt and he might get in trouble. After all, the United States Constitution has built-in ‘checks and balances’ to prevent a rogue elected leader from abuse of power, right? Our Constitution is NO MORE. Obama has broken so many laws, and apparently has the power to get away with it. The LAW ENFORCEMENT summit of the United States, who would charge a criminal in federal government, is AG Eric Holder, an even bigger criminal, who has already been convicted of lawbreaking by Congress, with no enforceable outcome. The body which would vote to complete IMPEACHMENT for an Attorney General, or a President, is the U.S. Senate. Thanks to Obama’s stooge Harry Reid, leader of the U.S. Senate, he has nothing to worry about there – no checks and balances functioning. Impeachment Articles Against Obama

In fact, the U.S. Senate hasn’t functioned at all for the past 3 1/2 years. If Harry is told some proposed law is undesirable, he just refuses to release it for a floor vote. Meanwhile, 99 other Senators just sit and pick their nose, completely useless. The US Senate has not considered ONE SINGLE BUDGET BILL from the House of Representatives in over 1000 days. It should happen at least annually. Nothing on tax reform, as by law ALL TAX BILLS MUST ORIGINATE in the House. Let’s see, since obamacare ORIGINATED IN THE SENATE, if it IS TAX, it’s not legal. Don’t you think Chief Justice Roberts, when he said obamacare was a tax, was trying to throw the responsibility back upon the legislature to clean up the mess?

Since the PEOPLE in 2010 elected enough Republicans to the House to become majority (for you ignorants, the US Senate terms are 6 years, so only 1/3 are up for election every 2 years, while all of the House runs every two years), it’s no surprise that Harry-Boy won’t allow any bills up, and just tells the press he is willing, but it’s “the (dirty) Republicans’ fault.” The House of Representatives, despite what their constituents – the MAJORITY OF VOTERS IN THE UNITED STATES – have been screaming for the past 2 years, are only going through the political motions to pass and send any bills over to the Senate, since they’ll never see the light of day on the Senate floor. As to what reason Harry and Barry give for no budget legislation the first two years, when democrats controlled both House and Senate, no one ever seems to ask. They still get away with blaming even those years of NOTHING HAPPENING upon Republicans. Oh, except obamacare, the 1700-page bill that was passed without anyone being allowed to read it first, duhhh.   This isn’t fiction, go read the Congressional Record, while still in publication. I imagine Obama will need to wipe out true history before long.

And if something isn’t legal, and Obama can’t get a written law passed to do what he wants, voted upon by the representatives OF THE PEOPLE sent to Washington from their districts, he just does it anyway by “declaration” – the way totalitarian leaders do. The other branch in the checks and balances system, the Judiciary, has been put into office by the corrupted Senate. No less than 2 Supreme Court Justices, by every previous standard of law ever observed, should have recused themselves from voting on the challenge to obamacare due to well-known and concrete conflict of interest. Neither did. The one person who should have demanded they comply and withdraw, the Chief Justice, had a sudden 180-degree change of thinking from the rest of his life until that day. But again, he knew that impeachment of a judge can only be accomplished through the Senate. Why have your family’s lives destroyed or taken, for something that could not be backed up anyway?

Obama’s former right-hand-guy, Rahm Emanuel, stood at a microphone this week and told the whole world that a Christian business isn’t welcome in Chicago because it’s owner refuses to DEFY HIS GOD,and support same-sex marriage. He went on to label Christians as bigots and hateful people. And all of the media, the world, sees no irony in the fact that Mr Emanuel, in same day photos has his arm around a good buddy who is Muslim, that Islam’s viewpoint on the subject is even more strict, indeed some of their more conservative state nations execute people for the same behavior. You will never hear one word about any of this on the news. Because the media came from colleges which teach humanism, relativism, and socialism. In fact, many of them are radical communists – the end justifies the means, just like frequent White House visitors convicted terrorists Bernadette Dohrn and Bill Ayers. Mr. Ayers is quite clear in his writing on the same principle the whole Obama crowd believes: if a bunch of ‘Bible clinging’ ordinary citizens have to die in order to transition the U.S. to pure, unabashed socialism, then that is perfectly acceptable. They would sooner shoot you for mistreating your dog or cutting a tree or drilling for oil, than even blink if you wanted to torture a bunch of Christians for their ‘hateful’ attitudes toward sodomy and abortion.

Stop WORSHIPPING this man, just because he’s black. That is racist and ignorant, and you don’t realize, but you are a slave! Having dark skin and sporting a smile doesn’t make someone unable to do wrong! He’s happy to kill babies up to the day they are born, put old people “to sleep” just like the sick dog, let his overseas allies exterminate the rest of the Jews on the earth, and do likewise to anyone who causes him a problem. That will begin to happen as soon as he completely disarms the populace, so that only the Federal troops (military, FBI,CIA,DHS,SS,ATF,BP,Justice) in their S.W.A.T. gear have any power. That’s right, Brian Terry and hundreds more lay in graves, illegally dead, just to sell the propaganda that guns must be collected and made illegal. The last and final protection the Founding Fathers gave WE THE PEOPLE, the 2nd Amendment, to defend ourselves against a runaway, tyrannical federal government, will soon be gone. That government is supposed to have ONLY the power WE THE PEOPLE grant them. Well, we have no power at all, we are under RULE by a smooth despot.

Just look at the pictures of him hugging Chavez, Castro, Imadirtybum, and terrorist leaders all over the globe, while he never made one visit to Israel in 4 years, never failed to insult British Prime Minister, and treated Netanyahu like pond scum right in the White House in front of live cameras! The ONLY nice things Obama has said about Israel in 6 years were said this last week, when his campaign people realized that Romney’s visit there was costing poll numbers. How fake and how obvious does something need to be for people of ordinary intelligence to figure it out? Do you REALLY have to hear something on CNN before it exists in the universe? Aren’t your eyes and ears capable of telling you what is TRUE? (guess not)

Since 2007 I’ve tried to make sense of the hypnotic, totally illogical effect this man has on so many people. Maybe he is a type of spirit, since people look upon a slithering, hissing snake, and see a sweet little kitten! Maybe he’s the prophetic antichrist, or maybe he’s just the front-man, the real antichrist is HIS boss, trillionaire and avowed destroyer of America, George Soros.

This is not science fiction, this is reality NOW, in the good old US of A. I hope all you America-haters, who were always so quick to criticize, many while sucking on the U.S. tit, are happy at the outcome. You live in US territories or other countries, and as foreign multi-nationals you won’t have anyone to call and complain when your social security check stops coming via the international mail, or you in St. Thomas can’t get your food stamps or your HUD housing. You and the hordes (est 40 million) who bamboozled citizenship for greedy reasons, and who could never honestly swear your undying allegiance to the United States, as my grandparents had to do, voted and elected that deviant. Now the tit is dried up, and you and the other ‘milkers’ have only your own greediness, laziness, and ignorance to blame.



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  1. BEWARE. The tipping point is near. The ongoing encroachment of fascist control will be accelerated by sudden, draconian events. History is replete with that drama. The most time effective events will be financial, not ideological. Follow the money. Movement is afoot to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The minute oil trades in other than dollar denominated exchange (this has recently begun in bilateral transactions involving China) the landscape will change swiftly. Our fiat currency is no longer supported by confidence in our governmental system, as its constitutional core has been severely eroded by the current administration. The dollar’s remaining strength lies in the fact that other governments need dollars to trade oil. With that requirement gone, dollar demand and value plummets. China will skillfully roll out of its dollars in massive future trades for energy. US citizens will get crushed. Government will be seen by the uninformed public as the only solution to bedlam. (See Germany leading up to WWII).

    This administration and its currency trading associates (Soros must be stopped and Constitutional controls and the rule of law reaffirmed and supported. We must: Get control of the Senate; Get a new President elected, and GET CLUED.

  2. Their strategy is perfect!

    Internet control likely sitting on Oval Office desk, awaiting signature to steal your privacy,finances,implicate family & friends so they can control you by holding you loved ones.

    And this morning, something to divert attention, keep public and all media (yes even fox) busy for days, and to raise hysteria to claim our guns – the shooting of peaceful people in Wisconsin, apparently (we know better) by gun-toting,Bible-clinging, racist Christians. What’s next Obama, will we forced to have 666 incribed on our foreheads, or face guillotine?????

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