Just Call A Spade A Spade! (Obama’s a Commie) and how we need to fight back using their own tactics.

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Listening to the ‘talking heads’ increasingly bores me.  While it is certainly nice, after forty years, to hear conservative viewpoints coming through the television set, the indoctrination of generations and the damage to the nation is already done.  What is needed now is not more analysis, but pounding the facts – relentlessly – and… videos!

This is one reason I really enjoyed Glenn Beck on Fox: charts, graphs, facts and their origin, so I could verify for myself.  It was great, and then he was gone.  My computer needs protecting, and I was not willing to drop all the security just to watch Beck via the internet.  Then suddenly it was costing money, which I could not justify in current overloaded budget for pure necessities.

It really doesn’t matter much to me what the pundits, politicians, staffers, pollsters and (gasp!) TV news hires have to say about anything.  If I was starry-eyed and wanting to form my opinion from peer pressure, I would be watching one of those other networks.  Why has Fox lowered itself to the common denominator of the competition?

To make matters worse, it seems they are increasingly inviting wild-eyed, pompous kooks on air to somehow provide the “fair and balanced”.  While we may realize the conservative they face has walked all over them with hard facts, when I view the exchanges from the knowledge level of the ordinary dull voter who put these criminals in office, I know they have learned nothing watching Fox News Channel.  The libtard is always louder, more insistant, and fillibusters.  They are obnoxious and keep repeating the same thought, which usually does not discount the facts from the other side, and frequently does not even make sense.  The hosts don’t interrupt or turn off their mikes.  We know the idiot voters can’t reason, and thanks to our education system the past 40 years, have no skills to recognize good versus flawed logic.  So why continue to let them hear the same thing they hear on CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.?  The left will always accuse Fox of being biased.  They would literally die rather than admit a discussion was ‘balanced’.  It is a pointless exercise.

So imagine my delight tonight to stumble on Bill O’Reilly giving the tax rates now vs. Reagan and illustrating how Obama’s desire to raise taxes on those earning $250,000 or more only earns enough to run the government for 8 1/2 days!  Good job, Bill.  Finally, some content!!  (Now get rid of Juan, so I don’t have to change the channel.)   Here is the “in a nutshell” type of stuff that should be on television all day long, over and over and over again, until the brainwashed, idiot masses realize that the math just doesn’t add up!

Which brings me to the question of the day.  Are Barack Obama and others in leadership REALLY so ignorant they can’t add & subtract?  (Excepting perhaps, Nancy Pelosi, poor Dear.)  And if the answer is no, they aren’t that stupid, then why would they be pushing policy that they must know will result in the collapse of the U.S. economy?

The answer is simple, evil, and terrifying:  Obama and his minions want the economy to collapse, so they can take it over with a communist state; wielding incredible power, controlling what we eat and drink, where we work and play, whether we live or die (health care by favoritism), watching us in everything we do, while holding with iron claws the drawstrings to the national wealth.  If you are in the favored cliche, you will have a good life with little effort.  If you are not, you will work and struggle just to get by.  If you are a drain upon the system (sick), or speak out against it, you will wind up dead.

Does this sound familiar?  Know anyone who managed to escape from Stalin’s creation?  Ask around, there are still a few people who can fill you in on what it’s really like, the “new vision” that Barack Hussein Obama II and his criminal friends are trying to sell you.

Better hurry, not much time left!

Read Wayne Allyn Root’s article on Obama’s misleading ‘background’ here


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