Who is voting in U.S. Elections?

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NOTE: Originally written for 2010 elections, updated 2012
I live overseas, in a small country near a U.S. border, with perhaps 12,000 local citizens, the rest foreign workers. Of those who are citizens, approximately one third are ALSO U.S. citizens. Nearly 1/4 of babies born to the foreign workers here, neither parent a US citizen, occur on US soil.

As recently relayed to me by a State Department official, there is no law or policy against traveling to the United States EXPRESSLY to give birth to your baby, instant U.S. Citizenship. In fact, I was told, it has become quite common in many areas of the world where a U.S. border or territory is nearby, such as Guam. If a woman holds a visa to U.S., is a national of one of 27 visa-waiver participating states, or otherwise has access to cross the border, she is welcome to have her baby on U.S. soil. Those babies are ALSO citizens (by blood-right) of the mother AND/or father’s home country. I know many children and young adults who hold passports of U.S. and not one, but 2 other countries!

This birth-on-US-soil number is exploding. There are no statistics from State about how many new U.S. citizens are dual nationals, because the information is not collected. Don’t ask, don’t tell!

U.S. law was written making it illegal to hold citizenship to more than one country. It used to be that when a child born eligible for multiple citizenships reached legal age, it had to make a choice between US or the other citizenship. However, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down that law in recent history. How can one SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to more than one country? Sure, it’s fine for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s been here a long time, and unlikely the U.S. and Austria will have serious opposing interests.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking about people who come to the U.S. and want to make it HOME, to stay. I’m also not talking about the millions of babies born to illegals living inside U.S. Nor do I speak of naturalized citizens who, though required to renounce prior citizenship in their oath, have the confidence that their OTHER country will not revoke their citizenship. While swearing that oath to become an American only, they are consciously breaking it, with no guilt whatsoever.

I’m talking about this growing number of people who make their home in, and owe allegiance to, another country, some who admittedly HATE the United States, and are simply taking advantage of the benefits of U.S. citizenship for their children. Many will come to the U.S. for a while to gain access to those benefits, then return “home” once they are acquired; visit Auntie or attend college on a scholarship, register to vote, then go back to their REAL home country and, for the rest of their life, vote in OUR ELECTIONS. Meanwhile, they are also voting in their home country’s elections.

I’m not making this up. I’ve met these people, from dozens of countries. They want that blue passport, and all the privileges, but none of the responsibility. 95% are quick to pour out their venom about Big Bad America. It’s satisfying for them to take advantage of this place they hate so much.

There is no way to prove it, because our ultra-liberalized government doesn’t want to know. But it is conceivable that in another 10 years, as much as 20% of voters will be foreign nationals holding legal U.S. citizenship who HATE AMERICA, and wish it to FAIL. Is that what the Founding Fathers had in mind? Does it even make sense? Would any other country (except maybe Britain) ever allow such nonsense?

We are selling our country down the river. And no one seems to care. The state department officer who so firmly informed me there was “nothing wrong” with traveling to U.S. to deliver a child to take advantage of US citizenship benefits had every reason to feel ruffled at my insinuation that it isn’t healthy for our country. He is married to a foreign national, father of a dual-national child. The mother wants to retain her nationality, but also wants to be eligible to work in the foreign embassies, a privilege reserved for state department family members who are US citizens. In fact, he bemoaned the utter unfairness of that policy. My question is, what was the wording on the oath he took when sworn in as a foreign service officer of the United States of America? Does HE belong in his job?

If you are a patriot, and want to change things by your vote, you had better not waste time. Before long, US patriots who honor our Constitution won’t be able to elect a dog-catcher.


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