What’s TSA got to do with it?

December 31, 2009 at 12:57 am | Posted in Islam in the West | Leave a comment
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Since the Christmas Day thwarted bombing aboard Detroit-bound Delta/Northwest airliner enroute from Amsterdam, we’ve heard a wealth of words. A few were enlightening, and some expressed intelligent opinions. Much blame has been leveled. Sadly, almost as much misinformation has been broadcast, as have facts.

Abdulmutallab had no passport? His own father warned the U.S. Consulate that he was radical? The CIA didn’t share the information, which had they done, would have resulted in Abdulmutallab being on the infamous “no-fly list”? Oh, even more scandalous I can’t use the restroom during last hour of flight… or watch movie… or use my blanket… eeek! That’s not fair, they keep us seated during nearly the entire flight until the last hour, ever notice that? Will TSA now pat down even more grannies?

Let’s take a deep breath and think about this for a moment… Abdulmutallab didn’t go through TSA screening. Neither did the Shoe Bomber. The problem is in foreign airports, so why do we need to tighten security on domestic flights? And, as Bernie Goldberg so aptly writes, “What’s Wrong With Profiling?”.

I’d go one further. Profiling is simply good law enforcement technique, sound logic, basic common sense. Who’s the most likely suicide terrorist, a 75-yr-old white-haired Granny, or a 20-something, dark-skinned male with a passport from an Islamic country? If they now decide to leave Granny alone but pat down the 20-something, is that racial discrimination? NO, it isn’t! I’m sorry, ACLU, but NO!!! When can we get back to common sense and stop wasting time, money, effort, and lives fighting these idiots in ridiculous court battles?


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