INSANITY – this word becoming overused!

November 25, 2009 at 3:18 pm | Posted in Islam in the West, Saving the USA | Leave a comment
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Navy seals charged with criminal assault for capturing a most-wanted terrorist, mutilating, murderer!  Why?  The slimeball received a bloody lip!  It’s his word against our Navy Seals.  Whom would you believe???  see video…
video Fox News

Good grief, let’s just disband our military, how on earth can they do their job?  I don’t want them having to worry about this!  Let’s also send home for vacation all the border security, police, sheriff, FBI, CIA and all other law enforcement/security personnel.  Then invite all the scum on this earth to walk on to U.S. soil, and start in Washington, DC. Let’s see if the folks there have enough handguns left to protect their families from rape, pillage and murder.

Honestly, I WANT THE NAME of the person responsible for filing these charges!!!!
read on Michelle Malkin or Jihad Watch


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