More insanity… got your cave and rations ready?

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Arghhh, where to begin? Each day is more surreal than the day before. Can even a casual student of the Old Testament or Revelation doubt that the End Times are rapidly approaching?  So much prophecy fulfilled about blinded eyes, ears that do not hear, one world government, false prophets, etc.

More truth is lies, lies are truth: Ft. Hood bomber justified because of bad US foreign policy. Yes! What a whole country does that upsets people somewhere, is justification for an individual on US soil to grab some guns and randomly splatter the blood and guts of unsuspecting men, women, and unborn children all over the walls! From that bastion of freedom (really sic!), the NEW YORK TIMES! (Ron Radish, Pajamas Media)

If our legal system wasn’t CRAZY enough, let’s give the foreign terrorists access to all the benefits of U.S. citizenship and nutty lawyers, and have these guys who CONFESSED to involvement in 9/11 TRIED in New York COURT!
NEW-Nov 25! U.S. Justice Department has more in common with these terrorists ($$) than desire for protecting the American People! From Washington Times.  Another thanks to B.O., for giving us corrupt AG, Eric Holder.

If it weren’t so CRUEL and SAD and INSANE, it would be hilarious!  Sorry, I’d rather get my laughs from watching old Red Skelton episodes.  (from  Read more on this from PAMELA GELLER at Atlas Shrugs. Sobering photos, too!  **** UPDATE: Videos and pictures of today’s press conference and protest by 9/11 Never Forget Coalition in Manhattan.

Also at Geller’s site read latest on RIFQA.  If you don’t know about this girl, you should learn.  She absolutely DEFINES the extent of Muslim influence on UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT officials and state agencies.  Here is a girl, less than a year from adulthood.  Her parents ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for YEARS AND YEARS from Sri Lanka.  Rifqa became a Christian and hid it from her parents, in fear of her life.  When they discovered it, she ran away to a church in Florida.  Under pressure from high-powered Muslim organizations, she was sent back to Ohio, is under care of the state juvenile authorities, who, only due to intense public scrutiny, have not returned her to her family, where she can become another “honor killing” in accordance with Islamic Law. However, she’s being treated like a criminal.  Actually, most criminals have much better treatment, are allowed visitors and at least limited means to communicate with the outside world!  Having both the opportunity and the power to change this situation (multiple times over the last few months) is Obama-ite Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.  boo… hiss!

FINANCIAL:  Anybody out there see a problem with Obama Administration just printing more money?  Is there one single intelligent being on the planet who doesn’t know the result?  From Bloomberg, watch gold prices continue to break records!

Let’s see, what else is slipping by us, while we hear nothing but healthcare on the news? (<–please be advised, combine “informative” with  “news” and you have an oxymoron! )

ACORN discarded documents (otherwise known as incriminating evidence) – Does this surprise ANYONE?  Hello?   The latest trashy ACORN  story, from Brietbart’s which has plenty of dirt on ACORN.

CLIMATEGATE – Oh, maybe the “science” supporting the get-rich schemes to benefit GIANT CORPORATIONS and the man who invented the internet, former VP and dandy, Al “uhm, uhm” Gore, is FLAWED?  Now who would have imagined that?  ANSWER: Perhaps the THOUSANDS of well-respected scientists on the other side (and always have been) of the man-made global warming debate.   Articles: Simberg at Pajamas Media, and Delingpole at Telegraph.

Why does matter?  Let’s see, it will cost you and I LOTS of money, and it will give away U.S. sovereignty, that means people we didn’t elect, that we don’t live with, will be able to tell us what to do, or to put us in jail (or worse) if we don’t obey some rule set by some international committee.  Sort of like the United Nations selecting a bunch of terrorists, thugs, and dictators to organize and host the WORLD CONFERENCE on HUMAN RIGHTS! Who is giving away this sacred trust, none other than our illustrious President, Barak Obama.  Just who is he working for, and which CONSTITUTION is he defendingNot the United States of America, that’s obvious!!


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  1. Good collection of recent events eroding the bedrock of America.

    Congressional HealthCare plans represent the designed destruction of our health care system as we know it. They represent neither the needed reformation of a historically effective system nor an economically sound innovative construct addressing as yet ill-defined problems.

    Notwithstanding ideology, where can one find an honest presentation of economic impact? How about any Honest representation of anything emanating from Washington DC these daze.

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