True Christianity vs. Satan’s Best Imitators

September 20, 2009 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Saving the USA | Leave a comment
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Why do so many people claim to be Christian, yet their lives differ little from the world? How come with so many Christian churches in America, we are losing the battle within our society on such key issues as abortion, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, evolution, relativism? I could quote the statistics, but they are readily available from numerous reliable sources.

How do you know when you have found true followers of Christ? Believe me, they are RARE! How do you know what church to attend, what preachers to hear, what books to read (if you must read something besides the Bible)? I can but give you some indicators of the counterfeits, which satan promised to advance, in his desire to be worshipped like God.

Jesus never said he had a “wonderful plan for your life” here on earth. You will hear this phrase touted by the biggest “Christian” evangelists, preachers, publications, and organizations. The wonderful plan is for eternity, and is the direct opposite of eternal misery. The promise of God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, is to be in the presence of God for eternity, with the unsurpassed joy of worshipping Him constantly. Peace and Joy on this earth is, alone, through that knowledge, that we are saved by His blood. In fact, the Bible promises to followers of Jesus that we will know hardship and persecution. If you are not serving Him, and your life here is wonderful, you might want to ponder where those blessings are coming from. If you don’t serve Him, you are then serving satan. In the spiritual realm, there is no gray area.

The whole idea of following Jesus is to die to self, and live in Him. Our own will must be put to death, our desires abandoned, wishing only to be shown His Will and given the means to accomplish it. Is someone promising you healing, prosperity, etc. by “declaring” it righteously? “Name it and claim it” is very popular today. It is not Biblical, those texts used to support it are viewed in a vacuum from the rest of Scripture. “By His stripes you are healed” doesn’t mean your physical body here on earth. How much more important is your spiritual health in eternity? If your purpose at church is to learn how something YOU do can better YOUR life here, even if you are asking for God’s help, something is wrong. What if you have illness, poverty, misery, will you still thank Him and praise Him from the bottom of your heart, every day?

Does your heart ache and grieve for those who do not know Him, and is your primary purpose each day when you open your eyes, to reach those who are lost, as Jesus taught? Not one of us is without sin, especially selfishness. I know I should be trying to reach the lost, but ordinary life (self) gets in the way. But I want to be in a church that continues to emphasize The Great Commission as the most important endeavor, that keeps prodding me back to His primary desire for my life here on earth. Getting closer to Him, learning more of His nature is great, but not if we aren’t also out telling The Good News! I don’t want to practice religion, or learn it better, but let Him use me every day.

In conclusion, if you are attending a church, or came to Christ, from your own desire to be healthier, wealthier, or happier, examine your heart and pray for God to give you discernment. Your motivation for accepting Christ should be ONLY that you accept yourself as a sinner, incapable of ever becoming blameless enough to sit before God, and truly believing you deserve, and will receive, His prescribed punishment for that sin – eternal death. If you don’t tremble at the very thought of His Holiness and Righteousness, why not? Only through the Blood of Christ are we washed clean, not through any effort of our own, “lest any man should boast”. And to receive that gift, we must confess our nature in true repentance, give up our self, pick up His Cross, and follow Him in reaching the lost.

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