ACORN revisited

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OK, so what does it take for people to GetClued (figure out the obvious) about this outfit? Lots of commentators have been talking about ACORN in the last few weeks, albeit too late to prevent ACORN from contributing substantially (often through voter registration fraud) to electing BO, or getting their hands on gazillions more taxpayer dollars. The list includes such as Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilley. What took you so long? The MSM kept it hushed up to the election, but why did some of the non-mainstream media not blast the facts day and night about this bunch of criminals, and their connections (Obama, Barney Frank, etc.)?  Was it fear of being labeled biased?

The evidence was overwhelming last October!
ACORN’s deal in bailout bill
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Nuts falling all over the place…
ACORN criminal evidence

Some have kept up on this all along, such as Michelle Malkin – great job!  Her latest:
Caution: ACORN housing entitlement mob at work again
Project Vote sues whistleblower: ObamACORN bully tactics exposed


American Heroes: Sorry, MJ, You Don’t Measure Up!

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The latest buzz… some hearth-broken family members mourn their fallen soldier, and rail against the Michael Jackson public and media frenzy.   I couldn’t agree more.  To them, I say simply, from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you for the brave and ultimate sacrifice your loved one, you, and your family suffered to protect freedoms and save lives!”

I stood in the checkout lane over the weekend and joined everyone singing an MJ song piping over the music system.  It was a warm, fuzzy feeling of camaraderie, something in common with strangers. 

Yes, all of us remember many of MJ’s hit songs, and a time in our life that was happier, more carefree, less angst about the future.  Yes, his appeal crossed many geographical, social and political boundaries.  I bought the Thriller album back in the 80’s, and nearly wore it out on my turntable.  

But my enthusiasm for Michael Jackson quickly cooled, and on principle, I bought no more of his albums.  It was after the beginning of the “weird” stuff:  truly offensive crotch-grabbing, pictures of  antics with children that appeared questionable, strange getups, stranger face and skin color changes.  Was this man trying to regain his childhood as a little white boy?  And then came the repeated headline-grabbing aberrant activities; children sleeping in his bed, baby-buying and baby-dangling.  Remember the old bit of wisdom (the saying didn’t arise from nowhere), “Where there’s smoke there’s fire. ”   Not to mention the headlines about strange behavior of his siblings, topped by sister Janet’s obviously-planned nipple-baring at the Super Bowl.  Anyone who still believes it was a costume failure is simply IQ-challenged!

It was apparent to me years ago that Michael Jackson had serious problems, and that his celebrity status and wealth allowed him to be above the law.  I’ve no doubt he suffered some types of abuse as a child.  But that doesn’t excuse his adult behaviors.  My knowledge comes from advocacy work with victims of pedophiles, and law-enforcement training on the characteristics of pedophilia, the statistic of how few are cured, and the high percentage who repeat their attacks on children.   It’s simple to tell if a male inmate convicted of such an offense will still offend.  They attach a device to the penis and show him a video of children engaged in activities that most people would consider non-provocative.  If an erection occurs, the problem remains.  Rehabilitation programs have failed miserably.  That this fact is widely accepted by society is evidenced by the “sex offender” laws requiring registrations, now on the books in all 50 states.

So, what kind of parent would allow their child to spend the night at Neverland, and sleep in a bed (behind a locked door) with this adult man?  What kind of social worker would ignore reports of potential life-changing damage to children, just because someone is famous?  And what kind of society would worship as a HERO a twisted pervert, and elevate him to megastar?  Easy answer: a society ruled by narcissim and misdirected pride. 

Let’s judge people, ALL PEOPLE, by rational criteria; first, what is good, honest, upstanding – what used to be the criteria for a “role model”.  Let’s not judge first by skin color and notoriety – “If he’s black and successful, he’s wonderful.”  A perfect example of this type of twisted logic all too common in America today is  OJ Simpson, a cold-blooded killer, turned loose by a jury of his like-skinned peers, cheered by his like-skinned fans, abhorred by the rest of the population.  If you can’t judge someone on redeeming qualities first, before their skin color, you are a bigot of the worst kind. 

Countless women have been abused and murdered by men who saw OJ go free.  Countless children will grow up to molest children due to the god-like hero worship of Michael Jackson. 

So, for those who weeped in front the TV all weekend over one of the most flaming pedophiles in recent history, and spared not a thought for the thousands of decent young men and women putting their life on the line to protect the freedoms which allowed his perverted behavior and your worship of him, shame on you!

Let’s Mourn The Real American Heroes
Youtube Congressman Pete King
OK Take No Prisoners

Google vs MS – From Frying Pan Into The Fire

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I’ve worked professionally with Microsoft since the first PC 26 years ago.  Like IBM in the days prior, it has been a love/hate relationship – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.  But at least I understand their goals, strategies, and methods.  

Some methods have been less than admirable or truly customer-satisfaction oriented.  For instance, their strong-arm tactics over the years to force computer manufacturers to shove new operating systems down our throats were reprehensible.  And, it finally backfired with the infamous Vista.

But I never have had a concern with them in regards to my privacy.  Admittedly, in an effort to improve software products and prevent software theft, Microsoft has progressed over the years into gathering more information from my computer.  But it had a limit, and operated under well-published rules.  The information wasn’t privacy-invading, and wasn’t sold to the highest bidder to rake in advertising dollars from THE WORLD.

Not so with Google, which has had a strategy since day one of wanting to know everything I do with my computer;  install spyware tools with drivers from every type of device known to man, within my computer and otherwise, from video boards to popular software (Adobe Reader) to printers to cameras.  I know this, because I daily ask clients, “Did you want Google Toolbar installed here?” and they always answer, “I don’t even know how it got on my computer!”   Or maybe I’ll find it happened during gmail set up, or maybe they have Chrome, Google’s browser, and don’t know how it got there.  Over the years, Google’s search engine algorithms have increasingly sided not only toward politically-correct content, but rising to the top, those people who do business with Google.

Now enter more invasion of your privacy.  Google plans to release an operating system to replace Microsoft Windows or Vista.  While it’s admirable that someone has the resources and willpower to take on Microsoft on their own turf, there is no way I want Google running my computer.  I might as well invite them into my bathroom and into my brain.  There will be nothing I do or think that they won’t know about me.  And, what they know will be sold to others without my consent.  Let’s stop this giant in it’s tracks – resist!
Bloomberg article

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