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They are shooting at you, you are shooting at them.  They will never come out with their hands raised, they want to die in battle.  So LET THEM!!!   Hey, war is hell, and it’s fought by soldiers, not political leaders and the press.  Don’t waste another American life taking the extra risk to capture a prisoner, because:
1. we Americans don’t want pay for their lawyers and trials and prison and to defend ACLU lawsuits against the government
2. GITMO will be closed, so no keeping them outside our soil
3. we no longer have the ability to interrogate, or gather intelligence, it’s now more like “stupidness” we gather… all of our intelligence gathering must first be discussed ad naseum by media pundits and in front of C-Span to get a stamp of approval from the WHOLE WORLD, and something done today may get “unapproved” 10 years from now, retro-actively, to advance someone’s political career
4. the people we send to Washington to run our government for us are too stupid to understand common applicable terrminology, a critical requirement to understanding what goes on fighting wars, such as the difference between:
a. war criminal, prisoner of war, enemy combatant, terrorist
b. the Constitution of the United States vs the Geneva Convention (what they are and when they apply, and when they don’t)
c. war tribunal vs criminal court vs civil court vs the court of public opinion on Capital Hill
d. torture vs waterboarding vs execution
e. genocide vs war crime vs spy
f. Nancy Pelosi vs your mentally-vacant great-aunt (oh, wait a minute, I can’t tell that difference, either!  <snicker> Just kidding, she’s not really a moron, just a very bad liar.)

God Bless You, Soldier!! (yes, true tea-baggers, wanna-be’s, atheists, and J.Garofalo, I’m using the G-word, call me a bigot, or in the case of POTUS, call me ‘clingy’!)
We support you 100% and we sleep at night because you are willing to put your life on the line!
The American Patriots

No, honey, “patriots” doesn’t mean getting teary-eyed hearing “America The Beautiful. It means understanding what liberty is, how truly awful life is without it, that it doesn’t come without lots of sacrifice, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. And that when more people don’t value liberty, aren’t willing to die for it, than those who do and are, usually it’s already gone. We just haven’t figured it out yet. Rage against the dying of the light, for LIBERTY!

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