United Nations – world’s biggest oxymoron?

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TODAY, April 21, is YOM HASHOAH – Holocaust Remembrance Daywatch in Israel

2nd UN Global “Anti-Racism” Conference, Durban II – You won’t believe this… led by leading human rights violaters, Libya, Cuba, Russia, Iran, and others, The UN’s idea of an anti-racism conference

Guest speaker Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Let me inform those readers who may have been camped out in the wilderness for the last 2 years: This man was invited to speak at NY Columbia University, where he “taught” students what he has since said NUMEROUS times, his agenda is clear: TRANSCRIPT
1. There was NO holocaust, it was hoax – Here’s the hoax, watch VIDEO-if you dare!
2. Israel has NO RIGHT to exist, and MUST be wiped off the face of the map… essentially what every Islamic country believes, and indeed, Israel is NOT on the maps in textbooks in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, etc.
UN Watch, Professor Anne Bayefsky’s Address to conference

And it’s not just citizens of Israel under the gun here. The Christian religion’s right to exist is also implied, because we believe the Old Testament is the inspired word of the God we worship. Israel, and her right to exist, are addressed REPEATEDLY by our God. So I guess we should be stripped naked outdoors and lined up for the “showers”, or cooked in ovens, too, while our loved ones dig the mass graves and transport the emaciated bodies of weak, sick, old, women, children, and babies, until the time they can’t work, and are sent to shower, too. OK, I’m ready, come take me!!! For those “progressive” christians out there… you really shouldn’t call yourself a follower of Christ, if you deny Israel’s right to exist.

Author, CEO of Pajamas Media, Roger Simon on the ground in Geneva! links to his posts and don’t miss his VIDEO REPORT from Geneva

Canada, Israel, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and reportedly Sweden and Poland. This seriously delegitimizes the Durban process and the “Durban Strategy” of demonizing and isolating Israel internationally.

The intensive campaigns by NGOs such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International to press the US, Canada and other democracies to participate in this discredited UN framework have failed. The appearance of Iranian leader Ahmadinejad today will further highlight the destructive impact of the Durban process.

at europenews and a 100 other places.

Who didn’t decide not to go? Well, Great Britain is a biggie. Gordon Brown’s Cowardly Decision Not To Boycott

Now today we read Iran’s “Ima Dirty Coward” gave such an incidiary speech, that the REST of the EU had to walk out. Hmmm, would that be those who don’t have a brain between their ears, or who just returned from 20 years on another planet?????

Or, to be fair, there might be other reasons, read one here

And let’s not forget, the US blacks dismayed by Obama stance on racism talks

Oh, and let’s not leave out what the Green Party thinks about cooking human children in ovens! (but never a chicken, oh no!)

The UN is now no more than an expensive, useless, Utopianist talking shop for the most bizarre, backward and repressive regimes on the face of the Earth.

Paul Henry, London, 20/4/2009 16:41 at Mail Online

And what about the U.S. President?  Well, credit for refusing to go, and having the US boycott.  But we must wonder, was that for some other reason?  Has he condemned Iran or Ahmadinejad for his statements?  No!  Is he even well-versed in the topic, or does he care?  Read: Ed Morrissey on Obamateurism.

How about the role of US, Britain, and other western nations in this atrocity, were they blameless? Hardly. Ever heard of the Evian Conference? It was attended by many, and committed to do nothing to help, long before the systematic Nazi killing camps were built. You can read it, annotated, on wikipedia. Some excerpts:

The 1935 Nuremberg Laws made German Jews, already persecuted, stateless refugees in their own country. By 1938, some 150,000 out of about 600,000 German Jews had fled Germany, mostly to Palestine, but British immigration quotas prevented many from emigrating. In March 1938, Hitler annexed Austria and made the 200,000 Jews of Austria stateless refugees. In September 1938 Britain granted Hitler the right to occupy the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, and in March 1939 Hitler occupied the remainder of the country. This made a further 200,000 Jews stateless.

In 1939 the British closed Palestine to further Jewish migration, and Jewish refugees could no longer find countries willing to admit them.

The Évian Conference was convened at the initiative of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in July 1938 to discuss the problem of Jewish refugees. For nine days, from July 6 to July 15, delegates from thirty-two countries met at Évian-les-Bains, France. Twenty-four voluntary organizations also attended, as observers, many of whom presented plans orally and in writing.[1] The fact that the conference did not pass a resolution condemning the German treatment of Jews was widely used in Nazi propaganda.[2] The lack of action further emboldened Hitler in his assault on European Jewry….

In her autobiography My Life (1975), Golda Meir described her outrage being in “the ludicrous capacity of the [Jewish] observer from Palestine, not even seated with the delegates, although the refugees under discussion were my own people….”



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  1. […] the United Nations selecting a bunch of terrorists, thugs, and dictators to organize and host the WORLD CONFERENCE on HUMAN RIGHTS! Who is giving away this sacred trust, none other than our illustrious President, Barak Obama.  […]

  2. As I reasearched and then wrote my news reports today, I was shocked at reading of Ahmadinejad being called the “Guest of Honor” of the Durban II conference. What happened? Hugo Chavez wasn’t available?

    I suppose the fact that not even one world leader answered the UN’s invitations to speak could be considered good news. Personally, I don’t consider Ahmadinejad a world leader. Ok, maybe an UNDERworld leader.

    His speaking on Holocaust Memorial Day is said to be a coincidence, and may be so.
    Still, maybe it’s good this is happeing for a reminder to us, that it to say, those of us who believe it is important to remember.

    Between 1933-1945, the Nazi German government tried to eliminate the Jewish people and other minority groups in Europe. The Nazis killed nearly 6 million Jews, including 1.5 million children. There were approximately 3 million Jews left in Europe out of the over 9 million who lived there before the Holocaust. In some countries, a major portion of the Jewish population was wiped out. For instance, in Poland, 91% were killed; in Greece, 87%, in Lithuania, 85%, and in Romania, 84%. The horrible list goes on and on.

    As soon as Hitler took power in 1933, the German government passed laws to remove Jewish people’s rights as citizens. Ultimately, in German-occupied Europe, the Jews were forced by law to live in specific zones within the cities, called ghettos. From there, the Nazis moved many Jews to labor camps and death camps.

    Here are some statistics you may not have heard before. In addition to Jewish people, the Nazis targeted other minority groups. This included Gypsies, the disabled, political dissidents, Jehovah Witnesses, male homosexuals, and Soviet prisoners of war. In December of 1942, a single Nazi decree ordered Gypsies from all over Europe to be deported to the death camp in Auschwitz. When they arrived, 16,000 were immediately murdered. Throughout the Holocaust, the Nazis killed about 7 million non-Jews.

    All together, the Nazi regime killed 13 million people. Some groups would tell you these numbers are an invention of Zionists.

    Actually, the Germans themselves systematically documented the deaths. Every number has a corresponding name. If anything, there were possibly more murders, which were not written down. These crimes finally ended when American troops overpowered the Nazis in the year 1945. Many of the survivors were forced to go to Displaced Persons camps because their homes and families had been destroyed. Children were hidden in orphanages throughout Europe, while their surviving relatives struggled to find them. The world has attempted to punish many of the Nazi war criminals. Many were tried during the Nuremberg Trials. However, some of these Nazi officials are still in hiding today.

    There are people in the world who say, “That’s all ancient history. Why bother me with it today?” Well, Adolf Hitler may have committed suicide on April 30th, 1945, but there are other evil men in the world, and other holocausts waiting to happen.

    Remember 1st Peter 5:8, “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

    Here in Israel, many have said, “It is too bad President George W. Bush wasn’t around in the late 1930’s, when Hitler was amassing weapons, and making his evil schemes.”

    Yes, it’s true. By dethroning Sadam Hussein, President Bush, and Prime Minister Tony Blair may have stopped the next holocaust.

    Let’s hope SOMEONE has the sense to dethrone Ahmadinejad. He has a strange combination of bad qualities. First of course is his stand against just about every tenant of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

    Secondly, and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the man is simply a complete idiot.

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