Hey reporter, can you say “really BIG DEAL!” ?

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UPDATE 2  Noon EDT:   Question:  Why do much of the news media claim the Tea Party participants (hereinafter referred to as TPrs) were 1: all Obama haters 2. all Republicans 3. coached and sponsored by Fox News and Rush L?
1. It appeals to their largest demographic, the Obama worshippers, who are still “high” on the historical achievement of a black man in the White House ,who is expected to bring about unprecedented love, peace, and prosperity the world over.
2. It polarizes, focusing hate and resentment.  By insinuating the TPrs are ignorant, racist drones, merely speaking on behalf of, and only with help from, a radical fringe sensationalist media, that have no credibility, the MSM and those they support, can continue to insure that their minions avoid or ignore facts, when presented, and continue to be obedient, spoon-fed supporters of the socialism of America.  Some evidence: Malkin   Hotair   Driscoll   Hewitt (Townhall)

9:30amEDT: Tea Parties Galore – From looking at photos and reading their locations, it’s obvious yesterday’s orderly demonstrations by law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the United States was unprecedented, an epic event!    At the peak of the Vietnam era anti-war movement, never was there such a grassroots display from coast to coast, in large cities, state capitals, and small towns.

We’re seen numerous examples of ‘professional’ journalists demonstrating their lack of professionalism, their overwheming bias, and their clear intent to influence the public, rather than inform them.  But, despite their apparent cluelessness, you can bet they were sitting in their newsrooms yesterday saying things like, “Oh __it!  Can you believe this?”  The SLEEPING GIANThas once again awakened, and no doubt un-confessed fear is being felt, even into the dark, putrid corners of George Soros’ playrooms.  “You mean there is actually a chance I can’t control people with all my money?” 

The devil himself got a kick in the behind yesterday, and despite all the work of all his minions, truth and light prevailed.  Well done good and faithful citizens!  Please remain alert, and rattle your sabers regularly!!

For more, see taxdayteaparty.com, lots and lots of great pictures!!


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