What to do now? Look into recalls, boycotts, and new candidates NOW!

April 15, 2009 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Saving the USA | 7 Comments
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Thousands got out today and expressed their opinion.  The Elitists, Educated Idiots, and MS Media can call those masses the Radical Fringe, or Mindless Drones of the Radical Right-Wing Media, or whatever else they want.  Because they dare not admit it might be the Silent (no longer) Majority.  Drat!  They were so sure they’d brainwashed all, or at least drummed us into permanent silence from the overwhelming deluge of crap they spew hour after hour, via print, sound, video, online; until no sane person could but want to ignore it all.  Well, we woke up, didn’t we?  And they can’t STAND it! READ: Malkin slams CNN reporters. Now what? 

All the impressive displays won’t mean a thing unless we can put some consequences behind the squawking.  Otherwise, lip service will be paid, lots of speeches will be made, and it will all blow over.

It’s time to learn how to beat them at their game.  And I don’t just mean at the next election, vote for the ‘other guy’.  Based upon the last couple of decades, the other guy is no better, really.   Here is how this country got into the problems we have.  We must go out and FIND new candidates who will support our viewpoints, and convince them to run.   We must look for organizations which represent the complete opposite of our current Senator or Representative.   Then we must ALL serve on a committee to raise support, raise money, raise awareness, put up a yard sign, have a coffee party for the neighborhood, knock on doors, go on the radio, post on the internet, write to editors. Citizenship is not easy – it’s much more than mailing a check and then punching a hole on election day.  To do less, is to be complacent, and to deserve what we get!
Another thing we can all do right now:   look up campaign contributions records (online, easy to find) for those who represent us, and discover who put them into office – the big donors. Whomever they are, they have businesses, or are media. Then start a grass roots movement to boycott them: be it their movies, their products, their properties, or their newspapers and television networks. Be loud, be published all over, and be emphatic that you are sick of a VERY FEW rich elites determining who goes to Washington, by using their money to commandeer a mass of (selfish) entitlement recipient voters who believe all the dumb promises they get in exchange for a vote!



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  1. Not another Party!

    Political parties are great for the politicians but fatal for our country. It allows non thinking people to play on election day. They can choose who to agree with and vote for just by looking for the letter after their name.

    If we could dump the Political parties, it would go a very long way to saving this country. George Washington warned the country about the dangers of political parties, I guess he was right.

    The tea parties were not about re vs dem but you have to admit that most of those in attendance were not members of the Blue team. They are going to vote in their Blue team players next time while the Red team takes the high road and votes the bums out. We’re going to be no better off than we are now.

    The best thing we can do is break the party hold on our country.

  2. 3RD PARTY is the answer and the Republicans brought this on themselves.
    Hold the elected to their word’ If not throw them all out. This is MY country not the profesional Politician’s Like the Kennedy’s,Bush’s,Clinton’s ect. the list goes on and on. also get the laywers out they are the ones who have screwed it all up.
    Go back to the constitution and States Rights the federal government works for the States not the other way around. Lastley where is Obama’s birth Cert. Why would he spend so much money and favors keeping from showing the original.I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS DIRECTION THE NATION IS GOING. I am also the 6th Generation of Horsemans who have served in the military and fought in a war. I am a disabled Vietnam vet.

    From GetClued… Thank you for writing, but thank you MORE for your service to this nation!!! You have expressed many good points here, and I hope visitors read your comments. God Bless!!

  3. What concerns me is the way the fickle American people are, frankly, too stupid to remember things that happened all of six months ago.

    Remember when gas was $4.55 a gallon and Nancy Pelosi closed the House and went on vacation while Republicans were trying to debate offshore drilling? Although it was more of a party stunt than a true debate, at least they were TRYING to open the issue.

    Remember when democrats took a majority and then the Congressional approval rating reached single digit numbers? This was all of JUNE, 2008! Not even ten months ago!

    No one else remembers, either. That’s why a confirmed socialist with ties to hundreds of anti-American organizations was able to waltz into the White House without drawing breath– even though his “plans” were carbon copies of Pelosi/Reid sketches, the same identical socialist agenda that earned a 9% approval rating for Congress wins 53% of the American popular vote. WTF.

    The Tea Parties were a great idea, but all the Obamination needs to do to stay in office for another four years is simply make a bunch of noise around about September 2012 about how well off America is now (even when we aren’t). The MSM will leap on this like a starving dog on a steaming pile of crap and ‘poof’ all the tax day protests will be forgotten, and pig-ignorant America will swoop his ass back into office again.

    And Republicans? Other than trying to usurp the Tea Parties and try to loudly declaim that this excessive spending isn’t their fault (how dare we even think otherwise!), Republicans aren’t doing a DARN thing to stick this economic recession where it belongs:

    FACT: When dems took the majority in Congress gas was $2.10/gallon. Within two years it was $4.55. Although it has dropped, there is no clear indication that it will not rise again. Look for it to be around $3.00/gallon by June 09.

    FACT: When dems took the majority in 2006 the economy was booming. By the end of 2008 we were officially in a recession. Hard to blame Bush for that; he was in office from 2000-2006 with an excellent economy. Dems take over and the economy tanks.

    FACT: One state in this country already follows the dem model for economics. That state is California, and they have a $41 BILLION shortfall and the HIGHEST TAX RATES in the country. They also rank 38th in education and 43rd in crime, so where’s the money going if it’s not going for kids and cops?

    Hopefully the last election was a wakeup call for Republicans that they better actually start acting conservative if they want to be employed as our representatives– hopefully.


  4. I did NOT go to a tea party because I felt that the parties were an ineffective, sensationalized gesture that may have expressed collective displeasure but didn’t stand for anything. In your blog you mention what I feel are the best paths towards having a voice (or a million voices) heard.

    We don’t own our own newspapers or TV stations but we can write letters. We can put those signs in our yard. We can join committees and not just complain at town hall meetings. We can work for the local election commission. We can run for small, local offices ourselves.

    How easy it is to let someone else do all the hard work. How much easier it is to complain about the government not fulfilling our wishes instead of taking responsibility for our votes (or lack of them).

    While the politicos sure helped get us here, this mess is our collective doing, and we are the ones that need to get us out of it. Write, call, vote, place those signs, go to meetings, join those committees, blog and i think most importantly…..get educated about issues. Don’t get your info from one source or even sources with the same political slant.

    “To do less, is to be complacent, and to deserve what we get!”

  5. I agree, Barbara. It’s the pork spenders that need to go. And if you examine the record, you will find precious few who have not played that ‘you support my initiative and I’ll support yours’ game in Washington.

  6. Great blog…good job
    We have to pass along those E-mail address, phone numbers and all links to our over-paid congress to include our public officials and let them know we are mad as hell, and want them to do their jobs. We elected them, they work for us. They need to ALL be voted out of office. The next campaign has started. It’s not Dem’s and GOP..it’s charter and responsibility.
    Our Constitution won’t be bought
    We are a Republic..NOT a Democracy

  7. I attended a tea party today, and although I agree that the trend toward government control of every part of our lives has to stop, I disagree that everyone in Washington has to be voted out. There are a small minority of incumbents that do work toward the goals I have, even though they may not be in my state or my district so I can vote for them. The congressmen who have spoken out against the socialist trends, introduced counter measures and tried to amend bad laws should be supported and retained. They have listened. There is no reason to throw them out just because they are incumbents. Good behavior should be rewarded. It’s the ones who have not listened who should be removed from office.

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