Tea Party Day 2009 – where are we now?

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So, seeing the writing on the wall, I gave up in October.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Obama won, yes, wonderful, first black president.  Does anything else about this man, besides his skin color, matter?  It would seem not… not integrity, wisdom, consistancy, transparency (yeah, you’ve definitely blown your credibility on that, brawk), patriotism, much less the ability to uphold the oath of office SWORN TO just 10 weeks ago – uphold and defend the Constitution, remember?  How about a basic civics class, maybe that would help!

Wife – “America a downright mean country”
Other family – illegally in U.S., accused of child sexual molestation, etc, etc.  Oh and don’t forget that original birth certificate that he REFUSED to produce during the election, the one which would prove he had the legal right to run for President.  (We aren’t counting the one his campaign edited with a word processor, using a font that didn’t exist way back then, on the typewriter in state of Hawaii birth records office.)

Friends/”Mentors” (his word, not mine!):
Rev Wright  –  “_od _amn America!”
Bill Ayers, the unpunished, unrepentant terrorist – “I’d bomb it again”
Governor Rod Blagojevich – “I am not a crook”
Nancy Pelosi – who, with her cronies, could not LEGALLY change immigration law, due to overwhelming opposition of the American PEOPLE (the legal ones), so now it’s just “un-American” to enforce it  (another person who’s forgotten their oath of office, which is supposed to mean they uphold law even when they DON’T AGREE with it)

Shall I also list here, and verify, all the nominees who were ALREADY in public service, many elected, who somehow managed to MISTAKENLY not pay their income taxes?  Oh, I don’t think I have the space, we’d be reading all day.

ACORN – now under prosecution in several states for VOTER FRAUD, and national executive now proven she knew what was going on (so can’t simply blame it on ‘dumb locals’ any more),  and NY Time exposed SUPPRESSING illegal activities of ACORN prior to election…  voters <–> election, hmmm, is there a connection between these two terms?

Abortion – funding (just our money) for United Nations sponsored abortions world-wide, as a senator voted against illegalizing 3rd term abortions – 2 times.  (reminder, that’s where they pull out all but the head, and suck the brain fluid out with a big syringe)

Bad-mouthing America overseas

Bad-mouthing Americans who cling to their faith in God

Bad-mouthing a former President – It’s just not done, except by Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.  ALL  the others have been gentlemen and kept their mouths shut, for the good of the country.  One would think such a simple concept would not be outside the comprehension of someone holding the most powerful job on earth.  Scary!

Calling returning veterans a ‘POSSIBLE THREAT’ to us.  Let me QUOTE the DHS Document heading: 

(U//FOUO) The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.

Yes, we should ALL be afraid of losing our 2nd Amendment right to own weapons. That amendment was to protect ourselves not from criminals, but from the Federal Government, should it grow out of control.  

What would be an example of “out of control”?   For instance, take over banking, transportation, private business, impose an unbearable deficit and tax burden on a minority of the population, and simply print more money when it wants.  

The 2nd Amendment was a wise inclusion by our Founding Fathers.  Remember them?

So, what’s going on today? Even without support of the in-denial, main-stream media, and with all the clout of the indoctrination sites like daily kos, one would need to be in a cave not to have heard about the Tea Parties.

Learn all the buzz about what’s going on, who is ‘telling’ and who is being exposed, with frequent updates, on Michelle Malkin’s wonderful blog!!!

Another great spot, with lots of detail, Tax Day Tea Party

Instapundit Blog on Pajamas Media has lots of info and some great pictures. (scroll down the page)


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