Not just the Democrats! $106 billion to enlarge parks!!

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Oh, but don’t tell the MSM… shushhhh!
UPDATE from Michelle M in Sacremento: California Tea Party to California GOP: Smackdown

Have a list of the 9000+ earmarks, and you’d be surprised (Missourians) of who’s at the top of the list of individually-sponsored earmarks. Of course, the all-time PORKER, Senator Byrd of West Virginia, still beats them all!
Citizens Against Government Waste has more, which includes:
$3.8 million for the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy in Detroit
$1.9 million for the Pleasure Beach water taxi service in Connecticut
$1.8 million for swine odor and manure management research in Ames, Iowa
$380,000 for a recreation and fairgrounds area in Kotzebue, Alaska
$143,000 for the Greater New Haven Labor History Association in Connecticut
$95,000 for the Canton Symphony Orchestra Association in Ohio
$71,000 for Dance Theater Etcetera in Brooklyn for its Tolerance through Arts initiative

The excel file is available at Taxpayers For Common Sense. The FY2009 v.5 (already passed) lists 12.8 BILLION in earmarks. A sort of Senators’ solo earmarks (not group or presidential sponsored) reveals the top 5 porkers: Byrd 122,804,900; Shelby 114,484,250; Cochran 75,908,475; Bond 73,557,491; Murkowski 73,276,750

Here’s my question: While our economy teeters on the brink of disaster, and people all over are hurting, and those elected in DC have chosen to run up an unimaginable deficit to reward bad behavior and bail out those who deserve to fail, WHY do we need to be doing “LAND AQUISITIONS” for National Parks and Monuments? That total in FY2009, $106 BILLION!!!! I’m sorry, but I can’t pay my rent! I don’t give two hoots about increasing the size of a national park. Can’t even afford to go there. How ARROGANT can these people in Washington be????? The roster is evenly divided between both parties. Send them all home next election!


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