O’Bama Campaign continues love affair with NBC

October 8, 2008 at 8:23 am | Posted in Saving the USA | Leave a comment
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Millions of hopeful Americans eagerly watched the debate last night, only to have those hopes squashed yet again. McCain was lukewarm, O’Bama was in control, and the “wide range of issues” moderator Tom Brokaw of NBC selected for the ‘town hall format’ was carefully crafted to show O’Bama in the best possible light. Nothing about ACORN or personal integrity, 2nd Amendment, abortion, immigration, etc. And really, nothing specific about economy, except McCain’s additional $300 billion bailout plan for mortgages, just the usual campaign stumping speeches. What a misnomer, calling these Beltline-style productions “debate”. In a true debate, one quotes facts and their sources, one doesn’t just repeat lies until they are accepted as truth.

Where was McCain’s explanation that O’Bama’s pulling ahead in the polls (at least the polls touted on NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, BBC) is what’s now sending the Stock Market to a dive? How about explaining that instilling fear about the economy is an age-old campaign tactic by the opposing party, and that lack of confidence actually pulls the economy down? Where were the facts stating O’Bama is scored by many organizations by his indisputable voting record, as the most liberal tax and spend Senator?

On the economy, O’Bama had numbers, McCain was a talking dummy. Where was an explaination of how increasing taxes on the “rich” reduces investment in the economy, and hurts the little guy in the end? Or facts and figures, well known, which support the fact that the small percentage of truly wealthy, even at 70% of earnings, account for a tiny fraction of tax revenue? These are all well-known points that have been used in prior elections, and the truth of them stands today. Perhaps McCain doesn’t know?

I have sad news for those conservatives still holding out hope. McCain isn’t enough for the job. He may be the lesser of two evils, but he’s not going to beat this guy, he just doesn’t have the leadership & communication skill, or the campaign saavy to be convincing enough to sway those undecideds. The only thing that will beat O’Bama is a last-minute, grass roots surge of informed voters revealing indisputable facts to all of their neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, and man on the street. Are you up to the challenge? Otherwise, get ready for a presidency that will make Jimmy Carter look like a pleasant dream, that will make ‘entitlement’ the guiding principle, and that will bring us into a perilous position internationally. Oh, and one more thing. Hurry up and buy whatever weapons you need to protect your family and property, while you can.

Don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s blow-by-blow of the debate as it happened.

Kirsten Powers in NY Post gives a good wrap-up of the dismal debate: Round Two:We All Lose

Ed Morrissey on Hot Air agrees about debate topic selection, Did soft bias again affect the debate?


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