More revelations on ACORN

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Michelle Malkin’s column today recaps ACORN’s role in election fraud across the nation.

“Thug thizzle” is street slang for performing your trademark move. Obama and ACORN have practiced their thug thizzle together for years: organizing an ever-expanding community of ineligible and marginal voters to expand the Democratic power base. Rules be damned. — Michelle Malkin

We could stay busy the next four weeks reading all the issues about ACORN.  But what matters more is,  this is perhaps the best window into ‘who is Barak O’Bama?’.  Let’s look at how ACORN operates, to see what O’Bama has learned, and whole-heartedly endorsed, about what is important, and how it should be achieved.

  1. Get government money (tax-payer dollars)
  2. Use it to rally support for a political entitlement movement, playing the poor against the rich, the minorities against the whites, socialism against democracy, entitlements against capitalism.
  3. After gaining political clout, use that to strong-arm banks into offering mortgage loans to those with bad credit.
  4. Get some cronies in Washington to pass a bill to force a government-designed, government-regulated entity to guarantee those mortgages (Fannie Mae).
  5. Make large contributions to the campaigns of those politicians supporting the organization’s goals (and/or former staff).
  6. Enlist anyone interested, including convicted felons currently in prison, to run a voter registration drive, and give them instructions, but claim ignorance or lack of oversight when discovered that fraud is taking place – because after all, the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

Is this who you want as leader of the free world? It won’t be free for long!

“The ACORN/Obama thug thizzle” by Michelle Malkin.
Who Is Acorn?
Caucus Fraud

BO is a blatant LIAR, and the lies STILL APPEAR on his campaign website – read the following link very closely!!! Yes, O’Bama worked for them    Part 2 

ACORN/O’Bama links diagram – from Democrats against O’Bama! Don’t miss this wealth of information, carefully compiled. (Just click the acorn in the middle of the page)

HERE IS A US Federal Court Case Document on ACORN, listing you-know-who as Attorney of Record. Hey Mr. Obama, want to deny this, too?

It’s very obvious this man will say anything to anyone at any time to accomplish his goals, and “damn the rules” and anything goes. What did he teach for ACORN?

Was it organizational skills?
Was it Leadership?
Was it Diplomacy?
NO, it was POWER.    He taught classes in POWER!   Think about it.

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