Understanding liberal vitriol

October 7, 2008 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Saving the USA | Leave a comment
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Have you ever noticed that the more a conservative political figure appears as rational, succinct, confident, and revealing absolute truth, the more the cheering hoards of liberal philosophy fans rant and snarl and foam at the mouth?  It’s become a fact of life, and we see it every direction we turn: in the media news, from the pundits, from Hollywood, in non-political publications, at the water cooler, on the street corner, at the checkout counter, etc.   While some few actually have studied government, economics, and made a conscious choice to believe what they do, the greater majority is simply indoctrinated from a lifetime of soundbites they’ve been spoon fed by educators and the media.  Let’s face it folks, it takes less energy, time, and brains to just jump on the bandwagon.  Peer pressure is everything.

An excellent article yesterday from Pajamas Media’s columnist Dr. Helen Smith, gives a perfect real-life example using a Sarah Palin-hater, and thoughtful analysis of this all too common occurrence.  Read it here.

In fact, Theodore Adorno, one of the researchers who developed the term “authoritarian personality,” has an anti-capitalist bent, so it is no wonder he and his work is held in such high esteem by those who fear the free market, private industry, and personal responsibility. These ideals are abstract, intellectual, and require reasoning.

Those are the ideas that Sarah Palin aspires to, but that Tennis has no clue in understanding. Perhaps Tennis would have given better advice if he had told “Hater” about the studies of University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt, who found that while conservatives could put themselves in the mindset of liberals, liberals did not return the favor. In other words, like Hater, some scream, rant, and rave when someone does not agree with them, with no understanding of why people are different.

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