ACORN’s deal in bailout bill

October 7, 2008 at 10:19 am | Posted in Saving the USA | 1 Comment
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And yet another gem from Michelle Malkin this morning.  ACORN, that left-wing supporting, tax-payer funded, former employer of Barack O’Bama, which is being investigated for voter registration fraud in several states, and bears a large responsibility for the current economic crisis, has once again cashed in on your hard-earned tax dollars!  Send your thank-you letters to Barak O’Bama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid. 
Read Malkin’s article, published today in New York Post.

From JustSayNoDeal    Don’t miss their VISUAL AID on O’Bama, ACORN, and many others – PRICELESS!!

With the general election less than 30 days away, this is a national emergency.  Our government is sponsoring fraudulent and criminal practices that implement mob-style tactics disguised as social justice strategies.


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  1. It’s just amazing to me how little we’ve heard about this organization until recently! After reading up, I now know about ACORN, they have:
    a. stong-armed banks to offer mortgages to people with bad credit, who would NO DOUBT default
    b. served as a political organizer and registered thousands of dead, underaged, or non-existant voters who support their liberal agent
    c. Contributed millions to far-left campaigns, the largest recipient Barak O’Bama
    How can any reasonable taxpayer not be outraged that this is going on, and that we’ve been kept in the dark by the media?

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