I’m angry… really, really angry.

October 6, 2008 at 8:34 am | Posted in Saving the USA | Leave a comment
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Actually, it’s worse than that, I’m HOPPIN’ MAD!!  This morning I was hit in the face, from several interactions with taxpayer-funded agencies, with the fact that I’m not getting my money’s worth from Washington.  And I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!!  If you politicians and civil ‘servants’ (gosh, anyone think about what that means any more?) don’t revere my hard-earned money, and reveal what you’re doing with it OPENLY and SIMPLY so it can’t be debated what is TRUE, then you just CAN’T HAVE IT ANY MORE!!  It’s called a TAXPAYER’S REVOLT, and it has happened before.   Remember this?  

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it … Edmund Burke

After this week losing 1/3 of what little is left of my retirement, no doubt I will be dropping my health insurance next month.  The only way I could afford the premiums was to withdraw from the IRA, and can’t do that any more.  Never mind that I really need to keep it, because I’m now “uninsurable”.  But I’m not earning enough, and I’m too old for anyone to hire me for a job and put me on their group – they’d be crazy if they did.

Now I know what those insurers have been doing with the astronomical premiums: going to 5-star resorts for “conferences”, did you read about AIG?  Nah, some may be sleezy, and stockholders shouldn’t get rich, but they are like every other corporation.

The real culprit is the legal/judicial system. Folks, for every dollar you spend, probably 35 cents, more for some things, like healthcare, is added cost due to the increasingly litigious United States of America.   Now, I could write a book and detail how all this is true, but let me first say, and apologies to my dear friends in the legal profession, if we gathered up all the attorneys and just shot dead 50% of them, costs for goods and services would drop almost immediately. Oh, and QUADRUPLE POINTS for eliminating one of those bleeding-heart judges, who routinely twist justice, by allowing and suppressing whatever it takes to insure THEIR DESIRED RESULT from the jury!
That’s pretty drastic though, isn’t it? So, the next best option,

STOP SENDING THOSE DARN LAWYERS to the House and Senate you stupid voters!!

Because they (for the last 20 years) REFUSE to pass tort reform. They cry and wimper that it will hurt the little guy when he can’t sue those big, bad corporations. What they neglect to tell you is how much it’s costing YOU, EVERY DAY, because someone fell off a swing set and a jury rewarded them 70 million dollars to “punish” the corporation.

Is your representative a lawyer, hmmmm???? Did you vote for him/her, hummmm? 5 times??? arghhhh! PUT ON YOUR DUNCE CAP and SIT IN THE CORNER!!

Oh what the heck, I’m tired of scraping and scrimping and not even being able to afford prescribed medications (much less decent clothes, shoes besides flip-flops, eye care, etc.). If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I mean, if I had a mortgage I couldn’t pay and should never have been given due to bad credit, the U.S. government would pay me for that! I could be in south-side Chicago with 100% health care and medications covered, food stamps, bus pass, and a house, all courtesy of Uncle Sam. That sounds better than sleeping in my car, at least it’s paid, but the breaks (and the brakes) are wearing out fast….. Wahhh! I’m joining ACORN!!!


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